We watched Battlestar Galactica until 3 in the morning.  This is worse than when Oblivion took over our lives for a month.  I think I just outed us as total nerds.

When I woke up today at 12:45 in the afternoon, I told my boyfriend, “I have to stop going to bed in the a.m. and getting up in the p.m.  I really need to reverse that.”  It’s ridiculous – like college all over again.  On the one hand, it can be a lot of fun to stay up late and sleep in, but hey, Monday rolls around, and then what do you do?  I don’t work a traditional job – in truth, I do not work at all, but I skate (ice dancing).  I have to be at practice on Monday morning.  I really really really have to be there as I have not skated in two and a half weeks.  My coach has been out of town, and I am totally unmotivated without him here.  It’s awful.  I completely fall apart when he’s gone.  He’ll be back on Wednesday, and it’s going to be ugly.  He’s not stupid – he’ll be able to tell that I haven’t practiced at all.  I’m in trouble … as he says, I don’t pay him to be nice to me, so I guess I’ll get what I’m paying for!

One of the blogs on my blogroll, My View, has some pictures of where I used to live in Albuquerque – the ones of the NE foothills.  The area is covered in snow, so I’m extra happy that I no longer live there since I never figured out how to drive in that stuff.  Thankfully, it rarely snows where I live now.  It rarely does anything weather-wise here which is odd.  I’ve lived here before, and we used to have horrible thunderstorms, but it’s more like the desert now.

My boyfriend has fallen asleep on the couch.  I don’t know if he’s actually tired or if it’s from the pain pills.  He’s so helpless right now.  I feel bad for him – he’s pretty sad about not being able to play hockey for a while.  Also he thinks he’s going to get fat during his recovery.  I told him I’d feed him salad.  He said he could still get fat off salad since he’s not doing anything else.  Now that is pitiful!