I saw this on The Great Pretender’s space.  You have to answer each question with just one word.  Seriously!

Yourself:   Nerd
Your Partner:   Moody

Your Hair:   Blonde

Your Mother:   Complicated

Your Father:   Funny

Your Favorite Item:   Flannel

Your Dream Last Night:  Falling
Your Favorite Drink:   Juice

Your Dream Car:    BMW
Your Dream Home:   mobbed

The Room You Are In:   Family
Your Ex:   Fucker
Your Fear:   Loss
Where You Want to be in Ten Years:   Skating
Who You Hung Out With Last Night:   Family
What You’re Not:   Lethargic
Muffins:   Blueberry

One of Your Wish List Items:   Landscaping 

Time:   4:11pm

The Last Thing You Did:   Read

What You Are Wearing:   Jeans

Your Favorite Weather:   Snow

Your Favorite Book:   LoTR

Last Thing You Ate:   Salad
Your Life:  Varies

Your Mood:   Eh

Your Best Friend:   Kim
What Are You Thinking About Right Now:   This

Your Car:   Blue
What Are You Doing At The Moment:   Writing
Your Summer:   Skating

Relationship Status:   Divorced

What Is On Your TV:   Football
What Is The Weather Like:   Wintry
When Is The Last Time You Laughed:   Today

That was tough!  I wanted to use more than one word so many times.  I’m pretty sure I cheated on Favorite Book, but it would have been a lie otherwise!  The font and spacing on this post are bizarre, and it just shows that I don’t know code.  Gak.