A new skating movie, starring Will Ferrell, is coming out.  Now that is exciting!  My coach sent me a link to the preview along with the message, “This is not going to help men in this sport one god damn bit.”  We should have known something like this was coming when there were two, yes two, ice dancing jokes in Talladega Nights.  I think it’s hysterical, but I am not a straight guy in this sport either!

In weather news, once again the doomsdayers are wrong (thus far).  They have been quite persistent in saying that we were going to be iced in, but it has yet to happen.  It has rained a ton, but no ice.  No snow, no sleet, no slush.  Just rain.  That’s fine by me though.  Unfortunately my house doesn’t have gutters yet – it was just built, and as we got into the last week before closing, I was like, “When do you put the gutters on?”  The builder said gutters were an upgrade.  WTF???  Gutters are an upgrade?!?  That’s crazy.  Actually, that is stupid.  I mean, I went through that upgrade list with a fine-toothed comb, and I definitely didn’t see gutters on the list.  They weren’t on the standard stuff list either though, so my bad I guess.  So dumb.  I need gutters soon though because all this rain is going to make a mess of my yard.  Plus it’ll mess with the foundation too, so I really don’t understand why they aren’t required to put them on.

My boyfriend just ran his hand up my leg under my flannel jammies.  (Yeah, it’s 1:30 in the afternoon, and I’m still in jammies.  I love Sundays!)  He got this horrified look on his face and made a sandpaper sound in his throat.  I laughed and said, “I told you I haven’t been shaving!”  See, when he broke his ankle, sex became an iffy proposition (although I still say I could be on top and take care of that whole problem, but he’s worried about moving his leg wrong), so I figure, why shave?  Nice, eh?  I just wear winter-weight tights to skate in, and nobody knows the difference.  At least I think they don’t.  Uh-oh, paranoia has set in …