I woke up this morning to get ready for ballet and skating, and there was a surprise snowfall overnight.  I went ahead and got ready and then chickened out.  I’m not so good with the icky weather driving.  Inexperience.  However, now I wish I had gone.  This is going to sound really shitty, but I am sick and tired of playing nurse to my boyfriend and his stupid ankle.  He’s home from work today (fake sick, fake working from home), and he wants me to do his laundry while he sits here and plays a poker tournament online.  What a load of crap!!!  He says it’s because he doesn’t want to go up and down the stairs.  He’s totally capable of doing the stairs now, and I think the more he does them and the more he gets around, the better off he’ll be.  Plus, if he’s not going to work and he’s just going to play poker, he can do that upstairs with the laundry machines anyway.  (Our laundry room is upstairs because that’s where all the bedrooms are.)  I really wouldn’t mind doing it if he weren’t able.  This is getting ridiculous – I’m starting to feel like he’s really taking advantage of the situation.  Either that, or I’m a real ass.

All this crappy weather lately is really blowing my moods up.  I’m trapped inside, and it’s pissing me right off.  Can you tell?  I would love to go to the bookstore and Starbucks.  Over the holidays, I drank a ton of Peppermint Mochas.  So good!!!  Since I’m now on a diet (sorry, I’m changing my lifestyle, whatever), I only get Starbucks on Friday afternoons with my son.  He gets a decaf coffee, whichever flavor he’s in the mood for, and a toffee almond bar.  I’m not sure if it’s okay to give an almost 12 year old decaf coffee, but he likes it, so I’m going with it.  I figure it’s better than a Coke or something.  I think I’m going to try the Cinnamon Dolce Latte this week.  I’m going to have to order it with sugar-free syrup and no whipped cream to make it even remotely okay.  Good goobies, I never should’ve checked the nutritional information.  Ignorance is bliss!  Just for fun, I checked the information for the Iced Lemon Pound Cake, which I think is the best thing ever, and it has 500 calories.  Argh!!!  How did I not gain weight over the holidays?  Oh, I know, it’s because my grandmother starved us when we visited her.  That had to make up for some sins.

That’s a fun story actually.  I knew before I went there (Austin) that she wouldn’t have enough food on hand because she never does.  It’s not a financial issue at all – she just doesn’t eat much and expects that the rest of us are the same.  That’s just not so.  So before I left town, I packed a little bag of my food for emergencies.  I had some iced sugar cookies with Christmas sprinkles, a bag of Chex Mix (peanut butter chocolate, oh my gosh, yum), some crackers, peanut M&M’s, and gum.  Junk food, yes, but hey, it was the holidays.  My sister lives in Austin too, and I was staying with her, so I knew we’d at least get some food.  I got there in the evening on Saturday, and we went to the country club for dinner, so that night was fine.  Sunday morning, we went to the club again for brunch, and I knew ahead of time that there wasn’t going to be any more food until dinner, so I loaded up.  Unfortunately, it was like 11am.  So when 3 in the afternoon rolled around, Kim and I were half starved, and you just can’t go into my grandmother’s kitchen and start nosing around.  We left under the guise of needing to let Kim’s dogs out.  It was true, we did need to do that, but on the half-hour trip over to do it, we ate quite a bit of the bag of Chex Mix.  Later on, for dinner, I knew that tortilla soup was in the mix.  I figured it was like a first course – you know, like soup or salad.  There was definitely salad – I saw my mom making it.  Anyway, my cousin Ariel and I are not big fans of tortilla soup, so we skipped getting some and went into the dining room.  There was no other food on the table besides the salad.  We were both like, WTF???  Soup and salad – that was Christmas Eve dinner.  Gross!  So I had salad and had to listen to my stomach grumble all through church.  Miserable.  Needless to say, when we got back to Kim’s house, we made a second dinner (for me, Peanut M&M’s – for her, Christmas Peppermint Nougats).  Christmas day was much of the same – my grandmother made quiche for brunch (what is with these people and brunch?  Whatever happened to a separate breakfast and lunch?).  It had ham in it, and as much as I can barely stomach quiche, well, if you add ham to it, forget it.  No way in hell was that entering my mouth.  So I had a grapefruit and a breakfast roll.  Then we had to wait around til four for Christmas dinner.  Once again, we went to let the dogs out.  When we got there, we discovered that the little shits had found my cookies on the bar and had eaten them.  Grrr … apparently they were starving too!  By the time Tuesday rolled around, my grandmother had had about enough of us, so we got to eat away from her house.  No more deprivation, yay!!!

I think I’m going to have to add the category “bitch and moan” for today’s post.  Jeez Louise, my life is not so awful, but I sure am whiney today!