Yeah, that’s not so fun!  We had our Starbucks date yesterday, and I had the reduced fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake (330 calories, totally worth every single one, soooooo delicious) and the cinnamon dolce latte.  This is where the problem was.  I got mine fat-free with sugar-free syrup and no whipped cream (210 calories).  I thought it wasn’t too bad at first.  It could’ve been sweeter, but then again, I’m not one to turn down sugar.  Unfortunately, I decided I needed to see what the difference was between mine and my son’s (he got the same thing except his was full-fat, sugar-syrup, with whip for a whopping 440 calories).  Uh, yum!  Oh my gosh, it was so freaking good.  After that, mine sucked.  It sucked ass.

Skating was pretty good yesterday.  My Fiesta Tango is less of a Fiasco Tango than before.  I need to push harder on my backwards chasses on the Swing Dance (that one is tough for me!).  I am finally feeling more comfortable on the backwards crossovers.  When I took figure skating as a child, they were easy.  In fact, that’s all I remember of skating when I was a kid – hour upon hour of practicing backwards crossovers on the circles.  In hockey, they weren’t so bad either, but then again, they didn’t have to be pretty, and we weren’t so technical about them.  This has been a complete break-it-down, relearn them process.  I like that because it means I’ll do them right.  Counter-clockwise is more comfortable than clockwise right now.  That’s normal though.

I need to find a way to motivate my kid to do better in school.  He used to work so hard and was such a teacher-pleaser.  Now he doesn’t care so much – he’s still getting A’s, but now there are B’s mixed in.  He’s too smart for that.  I honestly think he’s given up on anything that isn’t math or science.  If he has to read, it is such a fight!  It’s not like he’s a poor reader – he’s on grade level, but he is so good at math and science that to him, reading is a struggle.  The thing is, if you can find a book he’s interested in, he’ll read it quite happily once he starts.  It’s getting him to start that’s the problem.  I totally don’t get it, but I’m one of those people who would rather read than do about anything else.  So is my ex.  Apparently, the reading gene did not pass on.  Anyway, at school, they have assigned reading which they are subsequently tested on.  His comprehension sucks, but it’s not usually sci-fi or fantasy.  Give him that, and he’s fine.  I’m dreading what’ll happen when he has to read Shakespeare.  That’s going to be a knock-down dragout unless I can figure out a way to get him to enjoy reading that isn’t his favorite genre.  I feel a research project coming for me!