There she is!  I finally figured it out (I think – we’ll see when I try to post this).  By the way, my Wee Me halo is a lie according to my boyfriend – he said it is a “halo of lies” as in “You sit on a throne of lies” from Elf.  That happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time.  I do not, however, enjoy one of my favorite lines in said movie being used against me!  It was a joke though, so it’s really okay!

Now, with my new-found technical expertise, haha, if I could just figure out how to get the youtube video of the Sunshine Quickstep not to skip, then I’d be happy.  Duke was like, “I can get it to work just fine.”  This is me after that moment  :p  Brat, whatever!

I had a “Pitch the Bitch” moment at skating today.  If you don’t know this already, Pitch the Bitch is a term from pairs which means when the guy has to throw the woman.  Nice!  We were doing backwards crossovers together, which in my opinion is far scarier than when I do them alone because Duke makes us haul ass.  I had a slight freak out moment because my circle was pulling too far out and I was getting off-track, and that’s just hellacious when you’re going fast.  So I flipped around frontwards to get out of it (not intelligent at all), and I went right past Duke like a slingshot.  Hence, Pitch the Bitch.  Excellent!  I got all the way down to the opposite blue line before I was willing to hit the brakes and stop because of all the speed.  I was laughing the whole time though.  We decided to leave those for the day after that.  Good times!  The thing is, I have to get used to that speed, so we have to just keep doing them.  When they’re going well, as in I’m not widening the circle (it’s actually an oval – we use the whole area south of the blue line to the boards) or shrinking into my shoulders like a turtle, it’s actually fun.  I can get about three fun ones in before I go “argh!!!” and flip around frontwards.

I started writing a new story the other day.  It’s a fantasy, and I’ve never written one of those before.  I’m letting it take shape as it comes, and then I’ll just edit the shit out of it.  I have a tendency to edit as I go, but I want this one to lead me where it will.  I’m also reading Orson Scott Card’s How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy during this process.  It’s been pretty helpful so far.  For pleasure reading, I’ve just started Paint it Black by Janet Fitch.  It’s amazing, really incredible.

We’re going out to dinner tonight at a Mexican place called Anamia’s.  It’s awesome if you’re not trying to lose weight (down seven pounds now, thirteen to go).  I think I’ll get chicken fajitas with no tortillas or cheese or sour cream.  So basically, chicken, veggies, and salsa.  What I really want is a margarita.  Mmmm!