This one is courtesy of Eden at So Anyway (see my blogroll).

last cigarette: It was when Rich and I broke up for a couple of days which was sometime this fall, but I don’t remember when exactly.
last car ride: Does this mean when someone besides me drove?  If yes, Saturday.  If it was when I drove, last night.
last kiss: About fifteen minutes ago (Rich is working from home today).
last good cry: I’m not sure.  The one during my lesson a while back wasn’t a “good cry”.
last library book checked out: Hunh.  I think I lived in Houston, and I think it was a Candace Bushnell, so it was like five or more years ago.  I was in a saving money fit.
last movie seen: Pan’s Labyrinth
last book read: Still reading “Paint it Black”
last cuss word uttered: Fuckity fuck fuck
last beverage drank: water
last food consumed: yogurt (can you tell I’m on a diet!?!)
last crush: Josh Holloway
last phone call: This morning
last tv show watched: Heroes last night
last time showered: Oops, haven’t done that yet today (still have to work out), so that would be yesterday.  Wow, between my tooth and lack of a shower, I’m really making my Wee Me look like a big fat lie.
last shoes worn: running shoes yesterday
last cd played: 30 Seconds to Mars “A Beautiful Lie”
last item bought: Ooo, having to think hard.  It was either groceries or skating gloves.
last downloaded: I have no idea.  No wait, I do know.  It was Google Earth.
last annoyance: My right outside edge is sucky.  My left one is good.  It annoys me to no end that they’re not equal.  To clarify for the skating gods, I would like them to both be like my left one!
last disappointment: The scale today wasn’t great.  I’m up 0.6 pounds and I’ve been working out like crazy.
last soda drank: On Saturday, I had a diet Dr. Pepper at lunch.  This is rather shocking since I don’t usually drink anything but water, but the water was all in tiny bottles and seemed like a huge rip-off.
last thing written: Part of my novel that I’m working on.  Unless you want to count this entry.
last key used: Car key
last word spoken: Mmm-hmm
last sleep: Last night, but I slept til 10 am.  I was very tired.
last im: Friday
last sexual fantasy: yesterday.  No details, sorry!

last ice cream eaten: Blue Bell Peppermint in December
last time amused: Last night while watching High Stakes Poker.  It’s like a sit-com really.
last time wanting to die: I have no desire to die
last time in love: Now
last time hugged: About twenty minutes ago
last time scolded: Saturday night when I was having a hissy fit over my tooth
last time resentful: Saturday night when I was getting scolded
last chair sat in: My couch.  Last actual chair would be the dentist’s chair.
last lipstick used: My everyday lipstick.  I can’t remember what it’s called.
last underwear worn: I have them on now – they are Christmas undies with a candy-cane stripe border.
last bra worn: A white sports bra
last webpage visited: High Stakes Poker on wikipedia for the link.  The last one for fun was Astronomy Picture of the Day.