My dentist appointment for having my bits of tooth removed is tomorrow at 9 am.  I’m going back and forth between freaking out and being okay with it.  The parts that freak me out are: 1) The shots – but mostly before the shots when they put the local on.  That stuff reeks and it makes me need to puke.  If I smell it when I walk in the dentist’s office, I pretty much want to hightail it and run. 2) The sounds.  If there is one sound that sends shivers up my spine, even if I’m only thinking about it, it is the sound of a tooth being forcibly removed from my mouth.  3) The Halcion.  I’ve never taken it before, and I’m worried it’ll make me barf.  Everyone says no, it’ll be fine, have some apple juice with it (that’s all I’m allowed – no breakfast, suck!).  But since I’ve never had it before, I wonder what my reaction will be.  My only other experience with a sedative is some Xanex before a flight.  I couldn’t feel it doing anything, so I took some more.  Then I felt good.  So good, that I, Big Chicken, actually slept on the flight.  That has NEVER happened.

The parts I am okay with are 1) Getting it over with.  I’ve known for a while that this needed to happen, and now I won’t have to worry about it anymore. 2) Having a normal looking mouth again.  I have not enjoyed my time as a toothless hillbilly, thank you very little.  Plus, my job as a female ice dancer is to look pretty (the man’s job is to put me where I belong.  Exactly where that place is depends, I guess, on if he’s mad at me or not).  It is very hard to look pretty in this state.  I can only three-quarters smile.  Not good!  They’re putting something called a flipper in, which from what I gather is something like a temporary bridge.  I’ll have that for the ten months or so that it takes to do the implant process.  Did I mention I have to have a bone graft?  ARGH!!! 3) Not feeling jagged broken tooth bits with my tongue anymore.  That has been nothing but unpleasant.  So all in all, despite being a horrible experience, the end result is, I suppose, worth it.

Okay, enough icky tooth stuff.  It’s time for mushy Valentine’s Day stuff.  Rich gave me the most beautiful sapphire and diamond heart necklace which is set in white gold.  People at skating were oooing and aahhing.  I love it!!!  Best boyfriend ever (EVAH!)!!!  I gave him a weekend trip.  We’re going to Glen Rose, TX to a bed and breakfast (which is actually in Granbury, but it’s close to Glen Rose) where we will go to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park and Dinosaur Valley.  I think he would’ve rather gone to Shreveport to play poker, but that’s not very romantic.  We’ll do that some other time.  Casinos depress me, but that’s a subject for another day.  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it.  We haven’t gone on a trip together since we went to that scary wedding at the Precious Moments chapel (seriously, WTF were they thinking???).  I hope he’s excited too!

I learned a new turn today – a backwards three turn from an outside edge to an inside edge.  I can’t do it by myself yet.  I tend to get to far over the front of my skate which makes me scratch my toepick on the turn.  That’ll bring you to a stop real fast.  I also do that thing I do where my hip goes all Betty Boop on me.  I don’t get it – I don’t do it in ballet or while walking or anything else, so I don’t know why I do it on the ice.  We did some dance figures that I got from an online ice dancers group that I belong to, and we worked on Dutch Waltz since I flunked it last time and I have to retest it on March 4.  We’re going to have some of the rink big-wigs look at it soon and see if they can see any errors in it. 

All right, it’s time to go work out.  I’m watching season one of Lost while on the treadmill now.  It makes it go way faster!