Things are getting better in my mouth.  I finally had a pain-free day yesterday which was beyond nice.  The only thing that’s really freaky is my stitches are coming out and haven’t quite dissolved yet.  So whenever I take my flipper out to brush and floss, there is this white stuff that looks exactly like floss hanging out from behind my tooth’s former home.  That’ll make your stomach turn.  What do you do with it?  Do you pull it out?  Do you get the wee tiny Swiss Army knife and trim it?  Do you leave it alone and wait for it to dissolve … someday?  I’m going with option three and ignoring it for now.  Urgh, that gives me the heebie jeebies.

Eeewww, another thing that’s giving me the willies is all this stuff about Anna Nicole Smith.  I had the news on in the background while they were discussing where she and Howard K. Stern had looked at burial plots.  He was talking about plots in the Bahamas and her concern about bugs getting into the ground plots.  I’m out!  I changed it to CNBC.  I’ll watch the market behavior until I work out (when will that be?  I seem to keep pushing the time back today – but it will happen today).

Speaking of working out, I have had to work out like a mofo because of the shower and a general Forget-I’m-on-a-Diet day.  I am so sore!  I was very good yesterday though, so today should be a nice, easy day with just one Firm tape and no extra cardio.  My legs will thank me, I think.  Those tapes are a bitch on a regular day, so on a sore day, well, we’ll see!  At any rate, I have until March 4 (ice dance test date) to lose 2.8 pounds.  That’s not much time at all, so I need to be very good.  If I make that goal, I will weigh ten pounds less than I did at my last ice dance test, and I’ll have ten pounds to go.