I retook my Dutch Waltz test on Sunday and passed this time (yeah, that’s right, I flunked the Dutch Waltz the first time I took it.  Appalling!).  Now I’m done with Preliminary Dance testing, yay!  The next level is Pre-Bronze, and the dances are Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango, and Swing Dance.  I think I’ll probably take Cha Cha and Fiesta Tango at one test session, and then Swing Dance at the next.  I say that, but the Swing Dance seems to be coming along a bit better lately, and the Fiesta Tango back progressives are giving me hell.  So for fun yesterday, Duke said he wanted to teach me a new dance and I had a choice of Hickory Hoedown or Willow Waltz, both of which are Bronze level.  I chose Willow Waltz because I’d already learned Hickory Hoedown with Katie a while back in my group class.  Oops, I think I made a mistake!  Willow Waltz has back progressives in it.  Dang.  Well, it’s good practice, but I hate the damn things.  Duke says get used to them because since I’m a woman, I will have lots of them in dances to come.  I’ve got to get my butt to stop sticking out on them – that would help immensely. 

Random thought from yesterday:  As this country has gotten fatter, our murder rate has gone down.  Does this mean that there’s something to the theory of “fat and happy”?  When I shared this thought with Rich, he said it was because we were too out of shape to murder each other anymore.  Either way …

Well, I better go clean house before the maid gets here.  Ironic, isn’t it?  She’s not coming to clean though – she’s coming to give me an estimate for what it would cost to clean, so I think we’d be better off if it didn’t look like we live like pigs.  We don’t really, but I need to unload the dishwasher and make the bed and stuff like that.  Plus, if I don’t get Rich’s clothes off the bedroom floor, it’s going to be very difficult for me to do The Firm in there!