So we were on our way to my grandparents for dinner tonight, five of us crammed into my mom’s H3 (and if I might ruin the suspense, thank goodness she got rid of her Camaro because this would’ve been REALLY bad otherwise), and while we were stopped at a light, this jackass rammed into us.  He was driving a Honda Odyssey (a really ugly minivan in a class of cars which are ALL ugly).  The Hummer won.  We barely had a scratch, but his car was totaled.  Everyone is pretty much fine.  My dad has gone to bed and his neck and back are sore.  My mom’s liver seems to be displaced (not really – she just said it felt as if it were not quite in the right spot anymore.  She had a liver transplant a few years ago.  Did I ever mention that?).  Kim and Jason are fine, but this was Jason’s first time in a wreck of any kind ever.  How weird is that?  I’ve been in seven or so, passenger or otherwise.  My throat hurts where my seatbelt hit as I flopped over (I was in the middle of the backseat and got tossed pretty good), and my neck is sore.  My head hurts too, but I didn’t hit it or anything.

Anyway, we got hit pretty hard because the dude didn’t touch his brakes.  Nope, the mofo was looking down and didn’t see us (this is the story he told the cops and I’m assuming it’s true because it is so very dumb).  I figure he was dialing his phone or switching CD’s or something.  He got two tickets, one for failure to keep a safe distance (that’s pretty ironic, eh?) and one for an expired license.  Fucker.

I’m about done with this week.  It has hardcore sucked ass.  I’m gonna go play with the Wii now.  That’s fun!  I wish I had one, but I better pay my damn taxes before I spend any more money.