This one is from Coffeemate Corner.  I’m not even going to try to fix the spacing or colors due to past disasters! The Dirty Thirty +

1. In two words, explain what ended your last relationship? No love

2. When was the last time you shaved your legs?
Yesterday 3. What were you doing this morning at 8am? Texting Duke so he would know I was sick and couldn’t make it to the rink. 4. What were you doing 15 minutes ago? Playing a poker tournament on a computer game.  I won, but that’s not that big of an accomplishment against the doofuses they put in there.
5. Are you any good at math?
Yes 6. Your prom night? I didn’t go.   7. Do you have any famous ancestors? Not that I know of.
8. Have you ever taken out a loan to pay for school?
No. 9. How many different beverages did you drink today? 3 Water, coffee, and cranberry juice
10. Do you ever leave messages on people’s answering machines?
Yes 11. Who did you lose your CONCERT virginity to? Donny and Marie.  Seriously!
12. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach?
No, but I do make castles
13. What’s the most painful dental procedure you’ve had?
The most recent one which is described in this blog.  Ick.
14. What is out your back door?
The backyard 15. Any plans for Friday night? Not yet.  We have the munchkin this weekend though, so we’ll either go to a movie or play games or something like that.
16. Do you like the ocean? Yes!!!
17. Have you ever received one of those big tins of 3 different kinds of popcorn for Christmas? Yes
18. Have you ever been to a planetarium? Yes, I love the planetarium
19. Something you are excited about? My headache going away.  I know it will eventually.
20. What is your favorite flavor of JELLO?
Black cherry
21. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive?
No, but I had great-grandparents into my early twenties which was incredibly special.
22. Describe your keychain.
It has my car key, Rich’s truck key, my house key, three discount tags for grocery stores, a wee tiny Swiss Army knife, and a thing from Hawaii that says my name in Hawaiin. 23. Where do you keep your change? Wallet, car, and in the Road Rage jar.  I gave up Road Rage for Lent and I have to pay a quarter for every incident. 24. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people? Oh gosh, I avoid that!  I’m very shy.  I think the last time was when I was forced to in school.25. What kind of winter coat do you have? Well, it’s
Texas, so I have a light coat for most days that is also a rain coat.  You can zip out the lining for Spring.  My big winter coat is a long black wool coat that I got hugely on sale.  It’s beautiful if I may say so.  
26. What are you wearing right now? Uh, jammies.  That’s embarrassing.  I’ve been in them all day.  They’re really cute though!
27. What is your current problem?
Oh gosh.  My personal problem is skating stuff and the general frustrations that go along with that.  That’s so minor though.  It really doesn’t merit mention.  My family problem is keeping my son happy and healthy.  He was miserable over Spring Break when he didn’t get to go to
Austin, but we didn’t think he should go when my sister just lost the baby.  So he went to
Indiana instead with my ex and his girlfriend.  I think they kind of excluded him which pissed me right off.  I’m going to try to make it up to him this weekend.  Plus we’re going back to
Austin for Easter, and everyone is excited about that!  Ooo, I should’ve put that in the what are you excited about question.

28. What do you love most?
My munchkin, my boyfriend, my family.
29. Are you musically talented?
I don’t know.  I was in ballet for 18 years, so I must have some kind of musicality.  But then again, sometimes I have trouble counting music outloud.  I can stay on the beat though for ice dancing.  It’s weird.30. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day-what would you be? A kitty cat.+. Ever have a near death experience? No, thank goodness!+. Can you sing? LOL, no!+. What’s the name of the song that’s stuck in your head right now? I don’t have one.  How weird.+. Who did you cut and paste this from? Coffeemate Corner +. Name someone with the same b-day as you: Wendel Clark.  Cool!  He was one of my favorite hockey players.  Also Pablo Picasso.

+. Have you ever destroyed someone’s property? No!  How awful!  Oh wait, I’ve forgotten about the time Toby and I wanted to see what was inside his Stretch Armstrong.  We totally destroyed it, but he was involved so it’s not like I went over there and purposely destroyed something out of malice.  We more like accidentally ruined it.  His mother was not impressed.

Eeewww, ack, the spacing is going to be awful, but really, everytime I try to fix spacing, it ends up so much worse!