Have truer words ever been spoken?  I’m at home sick AGAIN today, gaggers.  So I was catching up on all the DVR stuff I missed last week while in Austin.  Jericho is one of my favorite shows despite it’s miniseries feel.  I think it’s the music that does it, but sometimes it’s a combination of that plus bad acting plus soap operaesque pauses.  Whatever it’s flaws, I like it, and last week’s episode was awesome (even the over-choreographed fight between Hawkins and that chick which was like, okay, you hit him, and pause!  Now you hit her.  And wait for it …).  The town took a tank from the fake Marines who came to town, and they decided to hide it in Stanley’s barn.  As Big Papa Gerald McRaney (honestly, can I not remember a single character’s name today???) said, “You never know when you’re gonna need a tank.”  Kinda makes me want one.  Though I really don’t have anywhere to park one.  It would be fun to park it right in front of the house.  Slightly intimidating.  Plus I’d have a car that could beat the hell out of my mom’s Hummer.  Not that I would want to do that!  The gas mileage would suck though.

I’m trying to figure out what is making me feel like crap.  I’m not eating or drinking anything today that I have had in the last couple of days to see if it’s food related (like milk).  I have been utterly nauseated.  Once I’ve made the decision that I wasn’t going to get to the rink and have gone back to bed, I’ve felt better when I woke up the second time.  Except for one thing: the headache I’ve had since the wreck.  I’m pretty sure I hit my head, but I don’t know what I hit it on.  There are really only two choices.  I was in the middle of the backseat, so it was either my knees or the center console.  I’ve been taking Tylenol for it, but it’s not helping much.  Plus there’s the little issue of it hurts to tilt my head back to drop the pills in my mouth.  That’s awesome when I have two vitamins, two prescriptions, and three glucosamine chondroitin pills a day.  Yay for me!  Anyway, if I don’t feel better tomorrow, I’m going to the doctor.  Ack!

My sister and I have figured out where we’re going to live when we’re super-wealthy and I come to live in Austin.  We went to Mt. Bonnell to take in the views of Lake Austin from up high (well, high for Texas anyway).  There are beautiful homes on the lake as well as up on the cliffs.  Kim wants to live on the lake, and I want to live up higher for the views.  So we figure we’d have the best of both worlds because we’d go visit each other so much.  In fact, we decided that since we’d be super-wealthy, we’d just build a tram between our houses for quicker travel.  Then Jason mentioned he’d like a zip line between the two.  Sounds like fun to me!  Now if we could just figure out a way to become super-wealthy…