We have a new puppy – he’s a yellow Lab, and oh my gosh, he is so cute!  The picture is (obviously) Magnus, the Munchkin, and me.  I’m still wearing a pajama top (check out the wee tiny bow at the neck) because I really thought we were just running to Subway.  Now lest you think we are irresponsible or totally spontaneous crazy people, the whole dog idea has been in the making for a while.  The opportunity just presented itself yesterday.  It’s part of the charm of country living because sometimes when you pass the Feed Store, there’s a breeder there with doggies.  Anyway, to add to my overall charm, I have on no makeup and I hadn’t taken a shower yet either.  I’m gross!  Magnus is not at all gross though.  Except when he farts.  Oh, icky!  More on him later – I’m completely zonked.  This is like having a baby again!