I’m watching Fox News right now, and they’re talking about the Rosie O’Donnell situation.  So did she really grab her crotch and shout “Eat me”?  That’s so tacky … and yet funny.  My take on Rosie is that she’s got some pretty nutty ideas, but she has a right to her opinions just like the rest of us.  ABC knew what they were getting when they hired her, so they had to know controversy would follow.  I’m going to watch ABC World News and see what they say tonight.

And now for something completely different: the housebreaking of the dog is about 10% complete, and I’m being generous when I say that.  We’ve hung a bell way low down from the doorknob to the backyard.  I ring it and say, “Outside” when we go.  The idea is that he’ll eventually ring it when he needs to go.  If that sounds insane, my sister has dogs that this has worked on.  Magnus rings the bell and then does nothing outside.  Or he won’t ring anything or cry at the door or fuss at all, and then he’ll pee right on the floor.  He’s a little better about fussing when he needs to poo which is why he gets a 10% grade.  He’s awesome at tug-o-war.  Tennis balls are a favorite toy, but he’s not returning them yet.  He knows his name and comes when called.  Oh, and he is just hysterical on the stairs, especially going down them.  He has a controlled slide down.  When he wants to get in his puppy bed, he tries to Superman himself over the side, but he really just belly flops over.  It’s greatness!  His paws are what get me – they are humongous.  They look really goofy next to his head.  He’s also an excellent chewer.  He likes to go after my feet, and yesterday he got my boob.  Ouch!

Skating stuff:  I learned forward inside rockers today.  I like them!  But they’re an inside edge thing, so of course I do.  I’m getting a bit of a skid on the right foot one; the left one is a little cleaner.  I also learned a swing Mohawk.  That ones pretty tricky.  We were doing them with a forward outside swing roll, then change the edge to an inside, then do the Mohawk.  The change is tricky in that I have trouble checking and getting my hip under, so it’s taking me too long to make the change and then turn.  But I have a starting point, so that’s good.

Stock market stuff now: I don’t know why people keep yapping about this bull market and an overdue correction.  We are at record levels, yes, but we only recently got back to where we were seven years ago.  So while technically we may be in a bull market, I think they’re kind of going against the spirit of the idea of a bull market.