I woke up this morning at 4 something, which seems to be my new wake up time thanks to the dog.  He doesn’t want to go out at 4.  No, he just gets restless and can’t decide where to lie on the bed.  Is the right place by my head or by my feet?  On the pillow or off?  Back and forth, back and forth, he paces and plops in a canine impersonation of a human flopping from one side to the other.  Finally he settles in, but he’s left damage in his wake: me.  I can’t fall back asleep for more than ten minutes at a time after that nonsense.  So needless to say, after many nights of this, I was exhausted this morning.  I didn’t go skate – no, I took Magnus out, fed him, played for a bit, then fell asleep on the family room floor.

That doesn’t seem too horrible so far, does it?  Well, it gets better.  When I woke up from my wee nap, my right eye was itching like crazy.  So I rubbed it.  Then I rubbed it some more.  Then I scratched along the eyelid.  It felt so good, but then I looked in the mirror.  Oops.  There’s this thing on the white part of my eye that looks like a watery blister.  Plus my eye was clearly annoyed and rather pinkish.  Obviously my first thought was pink eye, so I called the eye doctor.  He can’t see me today!  Urgh!!!  There’s a name for what is wrong with my eye that I can’t remember, but it’s not an emergency, so I can wait until tomorrow morning.  So that’s issue number one: grody eye, no makeup (I don’t want to find out I have to throw out all my makeup!).

Issue number two also takes place tomorrow.  I have to go back to the dentist to discuss a plan of attack for my mouth.  He’s pretty well convinced that I need an implant on the opposite side of the one I’m currently in the middle of, that is to say, same tooth, other side.  Fuck, dude … it’s so expensive!  Plus I need a crown on the tooth next to the current implant site, plus he thinks I need to crown all my bottom back teeth.  I understand his reasoning – my roots are slightly exposed from all the rocking caused by my grinding (I got my new nightguard last week, yay!) and that makes my teeth susceptible to decay because that root is soft and easy to rot (sorry, that’s gross).  But my gosh, I have had so many problems with my crowns because of the grinding.  They rock back and forth when you grind, then stuff gets up under the crown and causes decay.  You can’t feel it because you’ve had a root canal, and then the tooth weakens and the whole thing breaks off, tooth, crown and all.  That’s what happened to the other one.  So is crowning worse than the gums being exposed a bit?  I had another dentist fill those areas on the other side.  I’m going to tell him that’s what we’re going to have to do.  I’m not a gazillionaire, and I’m not paying for six more crowns.  No fucking way.  I’ll go elsewhere if I have to.  I don’t like feeling pressured at the dentist.  It pisses me right off.

So basically I’m in a bad mood.  That’s the main issue.  It doesn’t make me pleasant to be around, so I’m sure this is fun for Rich.  I just wish I had a nice normal mouth.  I don’t even know why I grind so much.  The dentist says it’s because my bite doesn’t line up right which causes discomfort and then my crazy body tries to fix it by grinding it into place.  Memo to body:  the grinding is NOT working!!!  You can stop now!!!  (We’ll have to see how that works.)

Oh, the reason the dog is sleeping with me (and mind you, only with me – I’ve been relegated to the guest room due to Rich’s allergies) is because I don’t trust him to ring the bell in the middle of the night.  If he’s on the bed, I hear him fall out and I wake up to let him go.  If he were already on the floor, he might just pee/poo on the floor.  I’m just not comfortable crating him all night.  Though he does like his crate.  He goes in there all the time during the day just to hang out or sleep.  Maybe we should try that.  He’s doing an okay job with the bell during the day.  If he sees you looking at him though, he’ll just sit by the door.  Actually, that’s pretty smart of him to realize that if I can see him, I know he’s there waiting.  He’s sitting and coming reliably now too.  We started working on “down” today (as in, assume a sphinx-like position).  He’s not getting it at all!  He starts in “sit”, and then I motion downward while saying “down”.  I have a treat in that hand that goes down to the floor.  He gets up and tries to eat it.  Nope, that’s not right at all!  He’s supposed to just go down and get the treat.  Maybe we’ll work on “stay” before “down”.