Under “Search terms used to find your blog” was this one: I have two pee holes, so, haw (sic) can i pee.

Okaaaaaay.  I googled the term and have yet to find me, but I did find this.

I’m supposed to be skating right now in Duncanville which requires a 5 am wake up.  Since I woke up at three with a migraine, that didn’t happen.  So no figures class and no practice sessions today!  Urgh, I needed them.  I’m supposed to run today as well, but as of right now, I don’t see that happening.  Maybe this evening.  My parents and grandparents are coming over this afternoon, so I could do it after that.

There’s actually a bizarre story to go with all of them coming over.  I was over at my mom’s on Thursday so I could pick up the munchkin.  She was telling me all the stuff we were doing this weekend and where I should be and when and all that.  For today, Saturday, she said that she and my grandparents were going to look at the Frisco neighborhood again and then they were going to go out to Fairview (? or Fairfield, whatever) to look there.  In case I haven’t mentioned it before, my grandparents are moving up here soon.  My grandfather has macular degeneration and is going blind, so they’re looking for an assisted living community where you have a house, not a condo or apartment, plus all sorts of amenities like community activities and a gym and a club, etc.  Anyway, after they do all that, they wanted to come by because my grandparents haven’t seen my house yet.  Then my mom said we’d all go back to her house for dinner and that she was making chili.  Really, Mom?  Chili?  In Texas in May?  Is that a good idea?  I think not.  But I didn’t say anything about that to her.  So last night, when we were at May Dragon, my dad and the munchkin were making plans for what they were going to do.  My mom acted all confused and was like, “Am I missing something here?  He’s not coming over tomorrow night.”  Oh.  Hunh.  The classic Mom Uninvite.  That’s fine considering the menu!  But still, how strange.  We usually have dinners together when we have family in town.

Anyway, back to the promised dental fun story.  On Tuesday, I’m having the other implant that I need started which is just a nice way of saying that they’re stealing another tooth.  Yeah, it really does need to be done.  I’m having one crown started on the bottom (he said we could go with my less aggressive plan of fixing the blushing spots on my lower teeth rather than crowning all of them, but that we have to be very vigilent about my regular dental appointments and that we have to keep checking the amount of enamel remaining because if it gets to the point that it is on the one they’re crowning, which is to say there’s none left on that tooth, then we’ll have to crown them).  I’m having one cavity filled, and then I’m having the places where my gums have receeded repaired.  It’s $3400 worth of work done in one day.  Thankfully, I’ll be Halcioned out of it.  That stuff is the best thing to ever happen to dentistry.  Unfortunately, I’ll be pretty much useless for about three days.  My main problem with dental stuff is that I tend to have a bunch of work done like this, and then I get so freaked out that I don’t go back for a while, and then the cycle starts all over again.  To get an idea of how fast I go south, it had been about 15 months in between dental appointments when I started going to this guy.  I’m just not one of those people who can stay away from a dentist.  The last gap was around a year and I had to have about $5000 worth of work at that point.  My teeth suck ass!!!  My total estimate including the actual implants (which haven’t been done yet because you have to get the tooth pulled and the bone grafted, wait for it to heal, put in piece one of the implant, wait for it to graft to the bone graft, put in piece two, wait again I think, then put on the crown) is $10,641.  That makes me need to throw up.  I seriously hate my freaking teeth.

Okay, I’m going back to bed for a little bit.  The dog’s asleep, so I can sleep too!