1. Plant some trees.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before.  I really really really want some more trees.  I have the suburban two trees in the front look going on.  They’re nice trees, but I want some more.  The problems are 1) money – with ex-boyfriend gone, I need to conserve money until I’m sure how far my money will or will not go, and 2) I worry that I’m not strong enough to dig a big ol’ hole in the clay that passes for soil here.  I’m afraid I’ll get eight inches in and quit.  Then again, I had to dig many holes in the front when I did all the plants and flowers, so maybe the cumulative effect of all that digging is equivalent to a couple of trees.  I also worry that the trees will wither and die from being forced to live in nasty clay.  The ones in the front seem happy enough though.

2. Paint the interior of my house.  I have eleventy billion paint chips and no time.  The rink is closing for a week in July, and I thought I would do it then.  However, as my parents have hired me to help with their move, I have a feeling that the time constraint will still be in place then.

3. Oh dear gosh, when we get my parents moved to their new house and start prepping the old one to go on the market, I want to paint the god-awful 70s paneling in the living room.  Well, the house was built in the 70s and came complete with avocado colored appliances and countertops.  My parents, and I mean this in the sweetest way possible, are not always up to date with homey stuff.  It’s really kind of funny since they are so with it when it comes to clothes and cars and outdoorsy stuff.  It took them until 1998 to change out the countertops and appliances.  Now if only we could get rid of the paneling and the dark cupboards!  I’d also like to take the sliding glass door out and replace it with a lovely French patio door.  Oh yeah, and I want to scrape the hideous popcorn ceiling off!  Seriously, their house is an HGTV makeover waiting to happen.  We need to get them on “Designed to Sell”.  Urgh!!!  Oh, incidentally, the reason they’re waiting until they move to put the house on the market is that in the thirty-three years (yikes!) that they’ve lived there, they have accumulated so much stuff through collecting (Longaberger baskets are the biggest culprit) and general pack-ratting (and Dad, I’m talking about you here!) that it’s kind of hard to walk through the house.  By the time you’ve boxed up all the clutter, you might as well just go ahead and pack everything.  Plus I think my mom’s worried that a Lladro or two might develop legs whilst the peeps are checking out the joint.  I just hope they get a house that’s big enough for all their stuff.

4. Get this dog to stop using me as a chew toy!  I’ve had to start spraying myself with Bitter Yuck.  Excellent perfume.  I should have no trouble finding a new boyfriend.

5. Complete my list of Qualities Which Make a Man Utterly Un-datable, followed by my list of Qualities Which Make a Man Perfect for Me and the Munchkin.  I figure by the time I’ve really thought it through and figured out, we’ll be at my Allowed to Date Again date which is after Valentines Day, 2008.

6. Last, but not least, make a headboard for my bed.  I saw an idea in InStyle Home where you use painting canvases and cover them with wallpaper.  I think I’ll use painting canvases, but I’ll paint them.  I’ll get like six of them, mount them, and then paint them as if they were a single canvas.  Perhaps it would be best if I developed some sort of artistic ability first.

That’s really kind of a short list, and it’s pretty ordinary stuff, but it’s the kind of stuff I want to get done.  I have a bigger list of awesome stuff, like compete on The Amazing Race with my sister, but that’s a list for another day!  They’re all in Vegas right now celebrating my cousin’s 21st birthday (hey, when you have a bunch of alcoholics in your family, what better place to go to possibly go ahead and grab a cross-addiction?).  They saw Celine Dion last night – even my dad said it was pretty incredible.  And then this morning, my sister and brother-in-law went and got more tattoos.  My sister got the Chinese symbol for Psychology on that bone that’s on the back of your neck.  My mom, who does not approve, said she’s going to tell Kim that it really means, “My daughter went out and tried to get the Chinese symbol for Psychology tattooed on her neck, but we thought it would be better to tattoo “dumbass” on her.”  I said it must be a big tattoo.  Anyway, I didn’t go because the money issue plus the ridiculous fear of flying despite the availability of lovely drugs for that problem equals no big trip.

It has finally stopped raining.  Now it’s sweltering.  Can’t win!