My dog just burped, and it was very gurgly.  Yuck!  The poor thing went to the vet this week (he now weighs 31.5 lbs), and it turns out he has hookworms.  Eeewww!  Luckily for him, that means he gets peanut butter to mix his meds in.  Peanut butter is crack for dogs.  It’s kind of crack for me too.

 I had to order new skates this week, so now I’m broke.  I got Harlick Competitor Plus boots with Coronation dance blades.  By the time we got the boots converted to a dance boots; that is, had the back cut down, the heel lifted, notches put in, the tongue customized, etc etc, I had spent a ton of money.  It sucks!  Still, it could’ve been worse.  I can wear a stock boot so I don’t have to go through the expense of a custom boot, and my blades aren’t very expensive.  Once I outgrow these though, urgh.  The blades get really bad when you become an advanced skater.  So yay me for sucking!!!  Unfortunately, the Harlick people are on vacation and aren’t coming back til the end of July.  I’m hoping to have the skates by the end of September, but that’s probably wishful thinking.  In the meantime, my old ones will have to do.

My sister is coming to visit next weekend.  I’m so excited!  We’re going to have a big group night on the town when she gets here.  I might test out the old flirting skills that night.  Or I may hide in a corner and get schnockered.  We’ll see!

So I’m working for my parents, helping with their move.  A word of advice: never ever do this no matter how nice you think your parents are.  Mine are crazy, and I knew that going in.  My mom gets very offended if you tell her you need different supplies than what she bought.  For example, she bought the giant bubble wrap.  That doesn’t work for small things.  You need small bubble wrap for that.  The big stuff is for pictures.  This doesn’t make my mom a bad person – it just means she didn’t ask anyone what to get.  She just went off and did her own thing.  However, to her, it means I think she’s an idiot and incompetent.  I also must think she’s the worst mother on the planet and that I hate her.  Yeah, this is what I get to put up with for the next five weeks.  Anyway, I made a list of what I need, so hopefully she’ll just go out and get it and leave it at that.  Ha!  I’ll be hearing about the damn bubble wrap for years to come.  Moms are fun …  Oh yeah, last weekend while they were in Vegas, she told me to pack up the bar.  So I did.  Yesterday, she said I shouldn’t have packed all the glasses because they would’ve sold some of them in the garage sale.  Oops, forgot to read her mind!  I said I thought she and my dad needed to go through the rooms ahead of me and pull out what was going in the garage sale.  Then I don’t have to guess (and talk about offended if I want to get rid of something she loves!).  I won’t describe the look I got, but The Rock might’ve fled.  Ack, what’ve I got myself into???