This is what I wonder about half the time I go to Starbucks.  I’m lactose intolerant, so it’s really important that I don’t get normal milk.  The repercussions are just too ugly.  I’m pretty sure I paid the forty cents extra and got screwed today.  Poor tummy! 

I finally learned to twizzle today.  Oh, they are bad right now, and I’m only doing a right inside single twizzle.  It shouldn’t be that hard, but my ballet self goes, “Oh, we’re turning.  Better turn that leg out.”  No.  No, I should not do that.  You have to keep your knee out front like a jazz turn or else you pull yourself off your axis.  I did a few of them right, but then I freaked out and didn’t end the turn correctly.  That’s fine – I doubt anyone has ever learned to twizzle perfectly in one day.  We also worked on spirals and Ina Bauers.  It was a pretty decent first day back after I took a bit more time off.  The only thing that was bad was in ballet.  It was decided for me that I’m not allowed to jump yet.  That’s fine – it was hurting too much.

Our rink is closed next week because they’re redoing both sheets of ice.  Everyone is going to Frisco instead, but I’m not.  They only have one sheet of ice and no dance sessions.  It’s going to be extremely crowded because they’ll have all the Frisco people plus all of us.  So I said forget it.  My coach said that was good and to rest my ankle.  I’m about sick of resting it, but ballet today proved it’s not healed.  So I’ll behave.  Urgh!