So I was bored and I watched this Primetime Live show about family secrets (okay, it’s worse than that – I actually dvr’d it in case of a night where I was so bored as to be willing to watch such a thing).  They had this woman on it, and her father had set up a webcam in her room to take pictures of her changing clothes and whatnot.  My ex-boyfriend is quite handy with computers and owns a number of webcams, and I know what he used to do with them before I came along (and I still dated him.  What the fuck was I thinking???).  Who knows if he set stuff up around here?  I know it sounds far-fetched, but believe me, if you knew this guy, you’d say, “Yeah, it is totally realistic that he would set up webcams all over your house to get a little free porn.”  I can see this as his parting shot.  He knows just how much it would bother me.  I am very self-conscious.  Yes, it is ridiculous, but I’m going to check around for wee cameras before I change my clothes!  Eeewww, I’m already in my jammies.  I guess if he’s watching, he’s already seen me today.  Great.  I’m a little bit bloated at the moment!

Maybe he put in microphones.  I was telling my kid the other day that I didn’t think I’d ever see my Season One set of Battlestar Galactica ever again, and lo and behold, it was in the mailbox today.  If he’s listening, he just heard me burp.  Haha sucka!  That’s what you get!!!  Anyway, maybe it’s a coincidence and maybe not.  It is weird, that’s for sure.

I’m off to bed.  I hope I can sleep without fear of lurking exes.  Dude, that is so freaking nasty!