Magnus likes to eat rocks.  WTF???  I understood when he chewed on weeds.  That made sense for a teething puppy.  But rocks?  And here’s the really weird thing – he rings the bell to go outside specifically to get a rock.  Yep, he rings, I let him out, he grabs a rock, and then he comes back inside.  I haven’t done anything about it because I don’t see the point.  He’s not swallowing them or anything like that.  He just gnaws on them and then leaves them all over the house (which is why I’m a little confused when he goes and gets another one.  Is he looking for a particular flavor?  Do they lose their rocky goodness after being sucked on for so long?).  I should mention that he has plenty of chew toys which he seems to enjoy, but every once in a while you can’t seem to beat a good rock.

Okay, in other news, I’m a little burned out skating-wise.  Summer sucks.  It’s hard to find a good session for adults too.  All of us are frustrated and skipping sessions because we’re so miserable on them.  Stupid kids!  We’re working on it though.  We’re trying to get our core group of adults to commit to coming for an adult freestyle session (which they’ll let me on since I’m the only adult dancer and I don’t have a partner) three times a week at lunchtime.  Once we get a certain number to commit, they’ll put us on the schedule.  They’re also talking about putting together an adult stroking class in the fall.  I really hope that works out!

My parents are all moved over to the new house.  So I don’t have to pack for them anymore.  I do, however, have to help unpack.  That’s fine.  I’ve always thought unpacking was easier than packing.  The really hard part of the job is listening to them bicker.  Holy shit, it is so annoying!  And it’s always over something really dumb like the Thanksgiving when my dad wanted to go to the store and get some lunchmeat (this was a few days before Thanksgiving).  My mom wouldn’t let him because she said there wasn’t any room in the fridge.  He said lunchmeat didn’t take up that much room.  She still said no.  This went on for eight freaking hours.  Back and forth and back and forth.  I very nearly went insane listening to it.  They did the same thing in the car this weekend when we went to visit my cousin who is dying.  She has untreatable brain cancer.  So for a total of ten hours, I had to listen to them bicker.  What I learned is that they both have to be right, and they both have to have the last word.  And that’s how you get two people who can argue over lunchmeat for eight hours!