Skating is not going so well this summer.  I’ve been out of town too many times, injured too long (right ankle and knee), and just in general lackadaisical about the whole thing.  However, today my outside edge transitions were a little better.  On the left side anyway.  I have a tendency to torque myself around on everything.  It’s from having a dance background – dancers have to create momentum.  Ice dancers and skaters in general, on the other hand, just have to change their momentum.  My body has been trained for so long to create momentum and I’ve been having a really hard time with the concept of not doing so.  Frankly, I don’t understand the concept at all.  I don’t get how to not take my upper body with me everywhere I go.  I can’t think about it anymore today though – I will simply go crazy.  Poor Coach is about ready to beat me up over the whole thing.  I don’t know how many other ways he can explain it!

 Anyone watching “Flipping Out” on Bravo?  I love it.  I’m pretty OCD myself, but I’ll tell you, whenever I find myself mentally agreeing with one of Jeff’s psycho moments, I’m like, hold on there!  He’s nuts.  I work too hard fighting OCD behaviors to start agreeing with them.  Of course, I can really understand wanting everything to be just so.  It’s just you can’t expect everyone else in life to get it or care that much.  Because does it really matter if all the seams on the towels face inwards?  Gosh, I sure thought so until I had a munchkin.  Then I realized I didn’t have time to care about towel seams.  Kitchen cleanliness I had time for.  Towels, not so much.  That doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed when I pull an inside out towels from the pile though.

But I digress.  We’re talking about skating today.  Last night, when I was at my softball team meeting (I know that sounds nothing like skating, but it’s a team of skaters called The Zambonis), I realized why I have such a problem being motivated with my skating.  I don’t have anyone to compete with.  There aren’t any other adults doing ice dancing that skate when I do.  There’s one that skates at like five am, but no thank you very much – plus she’s way ahead of me.  Anyway, when I played hockey, if we were told to do Herbies (skate from the goal line to the near blue line and back, then to the center line and back, then to the far blue line and back, then to the other goal line and back), I could race people.  It was extremely motivating.  In dance, there were a ton of people to compete with whether it was for parts or just to be told “good job” on a certain exercise or whatever.  At the rink, I’ve realistically got nobody but myself.  And myself is a lazy butt.  Anyway, I figured this all out when I was told that we’d be seeing which girls could throw the most accurately to see which ones of us were going to play bases and which were going to the outfield.  I thought, “Oh, it is ON bitches!”  I will not find myself stuck picking clovers in the outfield.  It was nice since it’s been awhile since I’ve felt that competitive fire.  Then we were talking about batting.  I’ve decided I’m going to have a better average than my coach (not softball coach, skating coach.  See how much more possible that is now?).  I told him as much, oops, so I suppose that’s on now too.  Me and my big mouth.  I need to find a way to compete with myself.  Maybe that’s what that whole goal-setting thing is about.