Eeekkk, I wish they’d put me out there now!  At practice tonight, I was playing third base and one of the guys smacked a ball right towards me, but still on the ground.  I reached down to catch it in my glove, but it rolled up it and hit me in the throat instead.  Ouch!  They were all, “Are you okay?  Did it hit you in the face???”, and I said, “I’m fine” about three octaves higher than normal and went on about my business.  One of the other girls got hit in the throat last season.  She said it sucked.

Anyway, they moved me to second for a little while until I said I didn’t think I was ready for it.  This was after the guy running towards second got past me when I was totally not paying attention to the game.  Our one guy in the outfield at the time was trying to throw the ball at me, but I think I was watching the guy run instead.  Maybe.  I might have been watching a plane fly overhead, you never know.  Very silly.  It doesn’t seem like as much happens at third, and I can throw, but I kept trying to throw the ball over the mountains a la Uncle Rico.  We’re all pretty bad though, except for one guy and one girl.  Well, maybe three guys and one girl.  We laughed a lot though.

I went to Austin this weekend for my sister’s graduation.  It was so much fun!  We went on the boat on Saturday, and I’m completely lobster-fied.  Holy crap, it hurts!  I had a hard time sleeping last night because of it.  We also went out Saturday night, but we went to 4th street rather than 6th.  Apparently, we are far too geriatric for 6th street.  Whatever!  Anyway, we saw a band called Sprung, and they were awesome.  I wish they’d come to Dallas, but I guess it’ll have to be an Austin thing that I do.  We also saw a band called Roman Holiday.  They were not quite so awesome, but they were funny.

When we got back to the hotel, we stopped by my room so I could change and grab the vodka.  My sister and I were cracking up about something when someone knocked on the door.  It was the on-duty manager telling us there had been a noise complaint.  Seriously.  Quiet as a mouse me had a noise complaint.  Well, Kim’s not so quiet.  We had been in the room for, I kid you not, two minutes.  That has to be a record.  So we went up to Kim and Jason’s room to play Guitar Hero (yes, I’m aware that we’re all in our thirties.  Geeky gamers), and then I finally went back to my room around 3:30.  There was clearly a party raging in my hall.  Did I call the manager?  Nooooo.  I just put a pillow over my head.  No worries!  Still, you have to wonder if that party was really the noise from earlier, and the manager accidentally picked my room because of all the laughing.  Maybe there was a lull in the other party.

Okay, I’m off to watch Big Brother and then it’s bedtime.  Gotta attempt to skate again tomorrow!