I woke up to shit stew in the dog’s crate again.  *sigh*  Needless to say, after everything was cleaned up, we went to the vet.  He just has a bacterial bug, so he’s on an anti-diarrheal, an antibiotic, and he had a couple of shots to slow his gut down (in the words of the vet).  Since we got home, he hasn’t done much but sleep, so it’s pretty clear that he doesn’t feel good.  It’s kind of weird though, because yesterday he was full of energy and seemed fine.  I feel so bad for him!  I wish I had taken him in on Wednesday.  Yep, worst dog-mommy ever.

A couple of things were better today – there wasn’t as much poo in the crate and my cleaning method was significantly quicker.  One thing was much worse.  The dog had poo all over him.  As my dear munchkin would say, “The yellow lab turned into a chocolate lab.”  Gross.  It was even on his ears.  His ears!  How, Mr. Dog, how???  He’s all clean now, and he smells so good.  I love his shampoo.  It’s got oatmeal in it.  And baking soda.  Mmmmm.  It’s like cookies.  Sorry, I’m going to ruin the cookie story now – another bad thing is that the trash came yesterday, so the poo stuff that went into the garbage today is going to sit in there for a week.  Ick!

Anyway, I missed my skating lesson since I was at the vet.  That kind of sucks since it was going to be my last day in the old skates.  I really felt horrible about cancelling because my poor coach has borne such a burden from me this summer with all the freaking drama.  We’ll make up the time on Monday, so it’s not like he’s losing any money, but what if he had plans for the money from today for the weekend?  I know when I was twenty-three that if I didn’t get money I was expecting, it could screw my plans up.  Maybe he’s better at financial planning than I am.  He probably makes a lot more money than I did at that age too!  I asked him to please not fire me.  Seriously, coaches fire students!  They get sick of the bullshit and they fire their kids.  I fear that.

So what did I do today?  Well, I got all caught up on “Tori and Dean: Inn Love” (gak, I am sooooooo ashamed of myself!!!).  To make up for it, I’ve got the History Channel’s “The Universe” on.  That webpage sucks, so I’m not linking to it.  Not that I’m paying attention to the show since I’m blogging at the moment.  Hopefully I’m picking up something by osmosis.  I’ve kept an eye on the dog as well.  I haven’t put on makeup, god forbid.  I ate crap (Mike and Ikes).  No wonder I’m a big ol’ moo cow right now.  Oh, and I ordered two dance skirts.  I also have not worked out today.  It’s hard to go upstairs and get on a treadmill when you’re worried the dog will crap all over the place though!  I’m thinking about taking a nap now.  That’s pathetic.  I better do a long walk tomorrow to make up for all this!