I’ve been having computer issues all week.  My laptop is not responding to ctrl-alt-delete when I turn it on.  There were three days when it did nothing at all.  Then yesterday, when I got bored and sat there for like half an hour banging away at those three pesky buttons, it finally went, “Oh, okay, I’m like supposed to let you in.”  Fucker.  Today I’ve been on three separate times, and it took a variety of tries to get in.  First it was hold all three keys down for a really long time.  Second it was just keep trying.  And third, it was one try.  Great success!

It’s probably just as well that I haven’t been able to get on because I have nothing to report.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I have quit ballroom because I just don’t have time for it.  Something had to give and it wasn’t going to be ice dancing, ballet, or softball.  What an odd combo.  Ballroom would make more sense, but well, whatever.  I was only taking ballroom to get a better idea of the character of the ice dances I’m testing anyway, and my coach should be able to give me that.  The ballroom people wanted to turn me into a ballroom dancer which is nice and all, but not what I want right now, and certainly not what I have time for!

Softball-wise, we lost 19-1 on Thursday night.  It could’ve been worse, but they mercy-ruled us.  I screwed up by not tagging the guy on my base – I had no idea I was supposed to, and what’s funny about that is I watch a lot of baseball.  Maybe I should pay better attention.  I think I had a fielding error as well, but I don’t remember for sure.  Yeah, I did.  The ball hit me in the foot (ouch!) and I was too busy being a drama queen about all the pain to pick up the stupid ball and throw it.  I got one try at hitting where I was thrown out at first.  Running faster might have been a good idea, but lalala I’m no Superman.  Maybe hitting it further would’ve worked.  Either way, I was out.  Bummer!  And I had hit so well in practice.  As a team, we clearly didn’t hit well or anything else for that matter.  We’re supposed to practice fielding situations tomorrow, but I’m going to the Rangers game in the afternoon so I don’t know if I’ll actually make practice.  Also, the Cowboys are playing at 7 (not that I care – football sucks unless it’s collegiate), so I don’t know if anyone else will bother showing up.

I was watching the Ladies Final of the US Open just now.  Not good.  It’s such a letdown when the final is so short and sucky.

My coach is going out of town in October for two weeks.  I’m seriously annoyed.  I have a test two weeks after he gets back.  We’ve already decided to pull out of one test (Swing Dance) because, and I quote my oh-so-honest coach, “Every time I go out of town, you fall apart, and I don’t think we have time to pull it back together once I get back.”  Sad but true.  This is why I hate it when he leaves.  What really sucks is I had this dance down in May, but once summer hit and my ice time shriveled, it went away and we decided not to test anything last month.  It’s coming back and would’ve been ready, but now with him leaving … no way.  He’s right.  So we’ll just test my ChaCha.  I’m looking forward to it because I’m sick to death of that dance and I don’t want to have to do it anymore.  I did it in Exhibition a year ago.  My Fiesta Tango is way too sloppy to consider at the moment.

You know, it can get kind of frustrating knowing there are people out there who test up to Pre-Silvers in two years or less, and here I am after sixteen months only testing Pre-Bronze dances.  On the other hand, our judges here are pretty picky so you want to be very well prepared before testing (these tests aren’t cheap, and why give US Figure Skating any more money than I have to?).  Also, my coach and I are perfectionists, and neither one of us wants to present a dance to the judges before everything is 100% right.  So it makes me a slow tester.  I just worry that people online (there’s an Ice Dancing forum I belong to) who know I’ve been skating for 16 months and have only tested out of Prelim Dance think that I suck or something.  Well, I do suck.  I’ve only been doing this for 16 months, and therefore, am supposed to suck.  The good news is that I know two of the Bronze dances already, and we’ve been working on the outside-outside Mohawk that goes in the third dance, so once I get out of Pre-Bronze, it’s just a matter of getting those three dances test ready, not learning them too.  Hopefully it won’t take a freaking year!

Anjelica did my hair color this week, but we had a bit of an oops.  She accidentally used a toner rather than an actual color, so I’m a little red right now.  It’s supposed to be blonde.  Very very blonde.  For two days, I would pass mirrors and go, “It’s orange!”, but it’s starting to grow on me.  I used to have reddish hair, but my gray didn’t take the dye well and would turn pink.  My gray is in two giant streaks at my temples, so it’s not like I had a few pink hairs here and there.  I had pink skunk stripes.  That’s when I decided to go blonde.  And I say, if you’re going to be bleached blonde, go all the way.  I’m doing a hair show for her on Tuesday where she’ll cut it.  That’ll be fun.  We’ll fix the color in six weeks which is what her superstar color guy at the salon said to do.  It’s not like it’s an ugly color or anything – it’s just not nearly-white blonde like I’m used to.  That’s okay.  Change is good.

Hey, spellcheck works again.  Hooray!!!