Terms people used to find my blog yesterday:

mommy drinks my pee
poo actually cause pink eye

hey poo wee dumb dumb

“shoe stuck”

I don’t know why there’s a big space in the middle.  I just copied and pasted this from the stats page of wordpress (which is actually a pretty cool page since I get crazy info like this!).  “Hey poo wee dumb dumb” is my favorite.

We lost our softball game 24-2 last night.  We were mercy-ruled, obviously, but since they don’t mercy rule until the third inning, we still played for almost the whole hour they give us.  The first inning took forty minutes.  We suck ass!  The umpire came into our dugout after the game as we were gathering up our stuff and said, “At least you’re all still smiling.”  Well, what did he expect?  It was either laugh or cry, and none of us take it seriously enough to cry over it!  We had two big problems.  One was poor J couldn’t find the strike zone to save his life.  The other was nobody could cleanly field a ball.  Oh, and a third problem was that our three best players (meaning the only three who can actually play this game) weren’t there.  Bummer!