The other day, Magnus knocked over one of those stupid round tables that you cover with a little tablecloth so it doesn’t look like the cheap piece of shit that it actually is.  I have candles on both of my craptacular tables, and he broke a candle.  Unfortunately, I bought the candle at Target, and you know how it is there – if you see something you like, get it because they’ll never have it again.  Being an anal retentive freak, I couldn’t just replace one candle and have mismatched candles, so I bought two.  They’re awesome – red four inch pillars which have this raised leaf design.  I like stuff with leaves because it reminds me of the elves in Lord of the Rings.

I got the candles set up, and the dog went apeshit.  He went over to the table (just one – he didn’t do this at both tables, weirdo) and looked at the candle with his head cocked and his ears all forward.  Then he started barking and growling.  Yes, at the candle.  He like never barks, so you can imagine what I was thinking.  “Crazy.  My dog is insane.  He has lost his mind.”  Apparently he doesn’t so much care for change.  I’ll remember that next time I get an urge to rearrange furniture.

All of this makes me even more concerned about putting up the Christmas tree.  Yes, I know it’s only September, but this requires intense planning for me.  First I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to put it.  The place I had it last year is now occupied by a ginormous bookshelf that’s not going anywhere.  Then I thought, “Well, I’ll just put it in the formal living room.”  There’s a bay window in there and it would look nice, but the floor is wood, and if Magnus gets exuberant, I’m gonna have a pile of broken ornaments on the floor.  I finally decided on the family room like last year, but in a different spot.  I’m going to put the breakable ornaments up high.  But still, if he goes Loony Tunes on me, he could jump (and it’s well documented how he likes to jump on stuff, mainly me) and knock over the tree, or at the very least, knock off ornaments.  He’d eat any that landed on the floor.  He may eat the whole tree for all I know.  Crikey!