See what happens when my real coach goes out of town?  I stay home under the guise of I have to clean my house as it is nearing uninhabitable.  I have actually been cleaning though.  Just taking a coffee break now.  The coffee is Gevalia’s breakfast blend with two Splenda packets and sugar-free caramel syrup from Target.  Yum, and zero calories!

While D is out of town, J is overtaking my coaching.  I was a little wary at first.  It’s weird dancing with a new person because of size and style differences.  Plus when you’ve been dancing with the same person the whole entire time you’ve been skating, I think you end up with a little bit of a trust issue.  Will J drop me on my head?  You know, that kind of thing.  It was a little rough yesterday.  When it starts out, “Hey, I haven’t partnered anyone in two years, and I can’t remember the Swing Dance,” you know you’re in trouble.  I ran him through it with him skating along behind me a couple of times, and then we went through the transitions.  Then we went for it.  After a few icky trials, we got it going towards the end of the session.  Nobody fell at least!  He has a lighter touch than D, meaning that D takes much more aggressive lines and edges.  I like the aggression, but USFS doesn’t expect that much at this level.  J’s way would get me through just fine.  D’s way will get me really nice notes on my test papers, plus it’ll help with later dances.

We didn’t run through ChaCha.  The last time I did the ChaCha with a different partner (Brandon saw me soloing it and came by to run through it with me – I love these guys, they’re just awesome!), I got this: “Shit!  D’s turning you into an East Coaster!”  It’s just a style difference, but I think J and Brandon do it the same way, which means I’m going to have to get J to do it D’s way so it’s not all fucked up when D gets home.

My dog has the runs today.  I gave him a rawhide stick last night when he got hold of a bag of treats (it was a trade, not a reward!).  Normally he gets one stick a week, and this was his first.  He doesn’t normally get the poos from them, but the vet said sometimes they do.  I feel sorry for him!  We went on a walk this morning, and he was fine during that, but as soon as we got home, it started.  The walk was pretty good – he barked at kids on the daycare playground, but just little barks.  He normally goes batshit loco at kids smaller than Munchkin.  He did his big boy bark at a couple of guys that were out and about.  One of them went, “I’m gonna go this way.  I like my arms and legs attached.”  I guess a 67 pound seven-month old Lab puppy with a deep bark is kind of intimidating.  I know that he’s really sweet, but I can see where other people might freak.  He had his hackles up, but it was the kind that go all the way down his back, which means he’s just on alert.  When their hackles are only up on their necks, it means they’re guarding or getting ready to get aggressive.  Watch out for that, yikes!