On Wednesday, my friend Stephanie got hurt.  We thought she pulled a ligament or something like that, but today I found out from her coach that she actually broke two bones in her leg.  He was totally shocked (me too) because she was like, “Oh that smarts a bit”, and it didn’t seem like anything too awful had happened.  We made her go to the hospital only because she couldn’t really put any weight on her leg.  The doctors couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t in a heap screaming like a banshee.  How’s that for pain tolerance?  Anyway, it happened when she was doing a back spin.  Her foot got stuck or something, and she went down on it.  There was a cracking sound, but when she didn’t put up a fuss, we all assumed it was the ice.  She was even asking if she could skate the next day.  Well, now she won’t be skating for at least nine weeks.  That sucks so much ass.  She broke her wrist a couple of years ago doing a back spin as well.  I’m thinking I wouldn’t be doing anymore back spins.  Incidentally, if you click that back spin link up there, I have no idea who that person is or what rink they skate at.

Yesterday, I got to the rink just as a hockey dude shot a puck up into the glass on the mezzanine which is upstairs from the ice and also where all the skaters sit to put on their skates.  The glass was right where all the ice dancers usually sit, but everyone was in ballroom at the time.  Mauri and Joel were the only ones over there, and she had just left to go to the bathroom.  All the glass missed Joel.  Close and scary call!  The glass up there is like normal glass, not Plexiglas like what’s around the ice.  I guess nobody thought anyone would ever shoot a puck all the way up there.

Needless to say, I’m a little freaked about what’s going to happen next.  It’s making me cautious, and that’s no way to skate.  J had to keep telling me “Attack it!” today.  Speaking of J, he and D have very different schools of thought on adult testing.  J thinks I should test standard track until I hit a wall, and then it’s okay to drop to the adult standards.  He and I both feel like it’s somehow cheating to not test at the highest possible level.  D thinks there’s no point in testing standard track as an adult.  You don’t get anything out of it other than being able to say you did it.  I think it’s partially that because people do tend to be impressed when you test standard, but I think there’s also a personal sense of accomplishment at knowing you tested at the highest standard that U.S. Figure Skating offers.  J also thinks I need to test Moves in the Field.  This is what replaced the old school figures.  D doesn’t think it’s necessary.  He teaches them to me, but doesn’t see any reason to test them.  J says, “You just need to do it, and you need to do them standard track.  I’ll talk to D about it.”  I said he won’t see the point, but J thinks he can make him see it.  I understand why he thinks I should test those standard – Adult Moves in the Field leaves out a bunch of stuff.  When you test dances on the Adult track, you don’t have to do them solo, and your passing average is a little lower than standard.  Luckily I don’t have to decide for sure on that until pre-silvers.  Until then, it’s all the same whether you’re an adult or a kid.

Anyway, today we hooked me up to the harness.  After I asked all my crazy lady questions like “When was the last time this thing was safety tested?” (Answer: Probably never) and “Are you sure this thing can hold an adult?” (Answer:  I had Sarah Catherine in it the other day, and you’re smaller than she is), we started with twizzles.  It was nice to do those in it because I wasn’t worried about falling.  I only had to worry about getting my arms in and getting all the way around.  Great success!  I did much better than usual.  Then when I got out of the harness, my twizzles on my own were working better too.  Yay, very exciting.  Oh, and I’m sure this is obvious as I can only do one twizzle at a time, the people in the video are not me.  They’re international competitors, so they rock.

Just for fun (and we had D’s permission), J taught me a waltz jump (again, I don’t know the person in the video) while I was still in the harness.  I have seen four-year-olds do this jump, and yet I was terrified out of my mind.  Remember, I’m an ice dancer, not a figure skater.  No jumping!!!  I got about an inch off the ground on my first try.  J was very patient, but on about the tenth one, he gave the harness a good yank so I’d know what it felt like to actually jump on the jump.  I gotta say, it was kind of exhilarating.  I jumped better after that.  Still not good, but better.  We’ll do it next week without the harness.  I couldn’t stop laughing though.  We had to look ridiculous.

Random thoughts from today:

Fuck you, Candy Corn!  Fuck you and your honey-rific tastiness.  I bask in the glory of your sugary goodness.  And yet, I hate you.  Oh no!  I’m sorry Candy Corn!  I don’t hate you!!!  I love you!

Wow, that is a big dude on that Vespa.  He looks ridiculous.  Actually, he looks like a computer programmer.  Why is he riding a Vespa though?  That can’t be comfortable.

My mouth tastes icky.  How come there isn’t enough toothpaste or mouthwash in the world to get the taste of tuna out of your mouth?  What is going on here?  Is it leaking from my stomach back into my mouth?  Gak, that is awful!  I’m never eating tuna again.  (Aside:  this is patently false.  I eat tuna all the time because it comes in those little packets and you just mix it up with some fat free mayo, and tada, lunch!  Easy peasy.)

So yeah, that’s the shit that goes on in my head.  Mmhmm, profound!  No wonder we don’t have world peace.