I got this from www.avitable.com.  I hope my spacing works for once. 

 1. I’m sure we all know what your name is… so, tell us your boss’s name.
My boss is my coach, so D.

2. Do you actually read your friend’s surveys, or do you just copy paste them and fill them out yourself?
I love to read these things!

3. Which is your favorite episode of “I Love Lucy”?
Oh gosh, I can’t remember a specific one I liked best, but I do remember one where Lucy was dancing at Ricky’s club and I noticed what great legs she had.  It was such a revelation to me because (and please forgive the arrogance of my youth) at the time, I didn’t think “old people” could have nice legs.  Ouch.  I didn’t like the episodes where they moved to the country.

4. Tell us your favorite conspiracy theory:
TWA 800 was shot down by friendly fire during a military training exercise.  I do believe this.

5. Do you consider yourself a deep thinker?
Depends on what day it is and my mood.  Occasionally I’ll read a “deep thinker” book so other people might think I’m actually not such a ding-dong.

6. Name three people who you are closest friends with.
My sister Kim, Anjelica, and D.  These are people I can tell just about anything to and not worry what they’ll think of me.  The other Kim that I used to be so-called BFF with, I couldn’t tell her anything real.  Not so much the close friend!

7. Which one of those three people would you eat first, if you were starving?
Not my sister!  She’d kick my ass!!!

8. How many red shirts would you say you own, off the top of your head?
Four.  One’s a softball jersey, one’s a skating shirt, and two are plain red shirts – one has a v-neck and the other has a scoop neck.  Wait, I forgot I have a red oxford.  Oh, and an OU t-shirt.  I’m pretty sure there are others.  There’re a few red sweaters too.  I like red.

9. No one cares whether or not you believe in love at first sight… but, do you believe in hate at first sight?
Hell yeah I do.  I’m usually right about those people and wrong about the love at first sight ones.  But maybe I continue not liking the person just ‘cos I have a preconceived notion of not liking them.  Very chicken and egg.

10. If you said yes to the last question, do you think that the reason you are so hateful and judgemental is because you didn’t receive enough love when you were a child?
<<<You’re the stupid fucker who misspelled “judgmental”. Go suck a tailpipe.>>>  I didn’t write that last bit – the avitable guy did, but I had to leave it.  Personally, I think the reason I’m hateful is because of television.  The biting humor has made me mean.  It’s like they’ve made it okay to be catty because so many people on tv are.  I try to keep most of my comments in my head or here though.  When I’m mean to people in real life, I immediately regret it and fall all over myself apologizing.

11. How old will you be in 2021?
Oh gosh, it’s 2007 now, so 37 plus 14 equals … a number I refuse to write down.  I’ll be 27.  That sounds about right.

12. Would you rather be tone deaf or color blind?
Considering my vocal talents, I think I’m already tone deaf.

13. When do you think is the proper time in a relationship to give the other person your business card?
I hate business cards with a passion.  So never.  Besides, it’s so much easier to just put someone in your cell phone.  Business cards are for business people, and I’m not one of those.

14. When you were a kid, which comic strip was your favorite?
Peanuts when I was very little.  Calvin and Hobbes later.

15. You can only wear a sock on one foot for the rest of your life… which foot do you choose to wear it on?
My right foot since it’s a half size smaller than my left.  I’ll need it to fill in the extra space in all my right shoes.  But my poor left foot will freeze at night.

16. How many words can you make out of the letters of your name?
Not many since I have three e’s and two consonants (Renee).

17. How do you feel about fake plants?
It’s a pain in the ass to blow dry the dust off of them.  Also, my dog eats the fake moss or whatever that shit is in the pot.

18. What is your obsessive compulsion?
I have to check the alarm clock at least three times before I feel like it’s really set.

20. Do you know what the heck the difference is between the statements “we’re just dating” and “we’re together”?
I would say dating means there’s a possibility that the asshole you’re dating is seeing other people and thinks it’s okay.  Together means it’s just the two of you.

21. When you think, do you see the words that you are thinking in your mind, as if they were being written down?
No.  Sometimes when I’m falling asleep though, I see pages out of novels in my head.  I get really pissed when I get into the book and I can’t turn the page that’s burned in my brain.

22. If a person is brought up speaking both Spanish and English in equal amounts and equally fluently, which language do they think in?
Well, now, there’s a pick ’em.  My French teacher used to say you were fluent in a language when you began to dream in it.  So I asked my friend Lu who is from Cancun about it.  She said she got totally freaked the first time she dreamed in English, and that now she dreams in English when she’s dreaming about stuff here, and she dreams in Spanish when she’s dreaming about stuff there.  So I guess we’d have to ask this pretend person from the question what language they dream in.

23. Does it make you uncomfortable when people ask you your shoe size?
No, but I’m not a dude.

24. Would you feel guilty about cheating on your taxes if you got away with it?
Gosh yes!  I feel a little guilty thinking about it in a hypothetical sense.

25. You are walking on the beach when suddenly you find a genie lamp. You rub it, and out pops the genie. He proclaims that he is so thankful to you for letting him out after thousands of years that he gives you three wishes. What do you think he did to occupy his time while stuck in that lamp for so long?…
I think he probably jerked off a lot.  And I think while he was rubbing one out, he would worry that someone would pick that moment to pick up the lamp and rub it.

26. If you had braces, would you put little diamonds on your brackets and call them your “grill”?
Uh, no.  I didn’t even put different colored rubber bands on mine.  I prefer my diamonds in the form of earrings, thank you very much.

27. You have 24 hours to live… what are you going to wear?!?!?
Flannel jammies.  And then I’d go skate.

28. Which is worse… someone blowing cigarette smoke in your face, or kissing someone who has dip in their mouth?
The dip, definitely the dip.  Gaggers!

29. Had you ever answered any of these questions before?
No, but the avitable guy took away number nineteen because he’d answered it before.