That’s Kim on the left, Jason in the middle, and me on the right.  Kim said we had to look stoic.  I’m just trying not to laugh.  Kim got to keep her real hair since it’s dark, but Jason and I had to wear wigs since we’re blondies.  We couldn’t get my wig all the way down my giant pumpkin Rosie O’Donnell head, so we had to color in my hair on the sides with eyebrow pencil.  That was messy since I forgot about it and didn’t wash it out before bed.  It was all over my pillowcase.  I also got in trouble for not putting nearly enough white goo on my face, but since I break-out like a teenager and am already the color of paste, I thought this was enough.


That’s Kim and Jason by themselves.  I can’t figure out how to flip the picture over.  I suck.


The three of us full-length.  Again with the inability to flip photos.

Hunh, well, this sucks.  I was going to put in a picture of us at the brunch the next day to prove we can put on everyday make-up, but for some reason, it won’t upload.  Bastards!!!