Jeezaloo, thank God that’s over.  I had to get up at 3 am for my ChaCha test.  That’s right, 3 in the fucking morning.  If you’re going to see 3 am, it should be because you’re still awake, not because your bloody alarm clock is going off.

Anyway, I left here at 5 (yes, it does take two hours for me to get ready.  I can’t just wave a wand!), got to the Plano rink at 5:20 where I picked up D, then we got to the Farmer’s Branch rink at 5:40.  That was a little early.  I thought we’d get there at 6, but there’s not much traffic at 5 am.  Who knew???

I was starting to get pretty nervous last night, but I was able to eat this morning so I thought I was under control.  Yeah right.  As soon as you walk in to the rink, it’s like all those fear buttons get pushed at once.  I started getting really uptight, and D caught me doing some pretty OCD stuff with my hands (I do this counting thing where I touch each fingertip to my thumb and count 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4.  Did I mention I’m a nutter?).  When he pointed out what I was doing, I decided to go in the parking lot and run some laps.  That was all fine and dandy until I stopped running and the sweat started pouring.  It’s so weird how that works.  I went to the restroom to get the sweat off and ran into the other adult who was dance testing today.  We had a nice talk – she flunked her Rhythm Blues and had to retake it today, and she was then testing her ChaCha and Swing Dance if she passed Rhythm (she did).  That kind of calmed me down because I wasn’t taking any contingency tests, so I just had the one dance to do.

When we went out for our warm-up, the ice felt unusually slippery.  I couldn’t get my legs to work, my knees wouldn’t bend, and my legs were literally shaking.  Not just a little … crazy, out of control shaking.  That totally wigged me out because I’ve never had that happen before.  I’ve had my hands shake, but never my legs.  I must’ve sounded like a complete ‘tard though – “D, my legs won’t work, my legs won’t work!”  He just said to calm down and get into my knees and down into the ice and all the usual stuff coaches say when you’re freaking out.

Then we had to get off the ice and wait our turn.  It took forever and it was too short all at once.  There it was, my turn.  We got on the ice and had to stand there and wait for the judge to be ready (you only get one at this level, so she’s like your own personal Skating God.  Do not displease her).  She was writing a freaking book on the last girl’s test sheet.  I was like, “Is that good or bad?”  Really, it could be either.  She just had a lot to say.

When we got going finally, I was feeling better than in the warm-up, but it wasn’t my best two patterns ever.  But really, at that point, I didn’t care.  I just wanted to get through it.  Now though, I’m kind of disappointed.  It’s like all my tests – I know I can do the dances better than I did at testing, so it sucks not to do it the way I know I can.

Here’s what my test sheet said:

Technique – Mark 2.5 – Comments: Very nice flow and edge quality

Timing/Expression – Mark 2.5 – Comments: Good feel for dance, Keep head and eyes upward.

Total: 5.0

I needed a 4.8 to pass.  So I guess overall, I should be happy.  I just wish I didn’t get so nervous!

J got there with his student who is an adult taking her Pre-Pre Moves in the Field test (standard track), and I showed him my test paper.  We laughed about the head and eyes up bit because that’s what he’s always telling me – “Renee, get your head up!”

So that’s that.  We’re going to work on Swing Dance and Fiesta Tango now, but with the caveat of we have to back through all the old dances and make sure I really know how to count the music and place the steps exactly where they go all by myself.  It turns out that I rely on D a little too much (okay, entirely) for both of those things.  He just found out on Thursday that I don’t count because I can’t count music, and that when he said, “Where does the second chasse go?”, I answered about twenty feet from the correct spot.  Oopsie!  He was all, “Well, now’s a fine time to find this out!”  I think I’m going to be sufficiently punished for it.  Which reminds me – he told me if I flunked this test he was going to lock me in a cage and only let me out for my five o’clock beatings.  I’m glad I passed!