I’m trying to post pictures of my dining room table which arrived today, and the chairs, and my dog, and the Christmas decorations, etc.  The issue is that they’re showing up ginormous, like bigger than my computer screen.  I have tried everything I can think of, but they won’t go down to a nice manageable size.  Soooooooo frustrated. 

Aha, I’ve figured it out!  I will copy and paste them rather than trying to be fancy and computer literate and upload the fuckers.  Okay, so that’s the table with a bit of dog in it.  The china is Spode Christmas Tree which my whole family collects.  Lemmings, all of us.

The chairs are a bit of a pain in the ass as I have to put them together myself.  Gross.  Someday, I will have furniture that doesn’t include “Assembly Required” in any way, shape, or form.  I have one finished.  This is it without the cover plus a dog butt:

Unfortunately, I can’t fix the rotation doing this with copy and paste.  I had figured out how to do that the other way though.  Dang it!  I was gonna be so technically wonderful today.  Shit …

This is the chair with a cover and a whole dog:

These are the other chairs:

Classy, eh?  I especially like the bits of Foosball table you can see there.  Yeah, that’s in my formal living room.  Anyone have a blowtorch?  I hate that fucking thing.

This is my Christmas tree with the dog (he actually sat and stayed!):

I probably should’ve shut the window, but oh well.  Okay, this is the mantle:


This is my family cheering for Missouri on Saturday night:

From left to right, Nicki, Mandi, Amber, Tricia, and Phyllis.  Not me since a) I was taking the picture, and b) Fuck Mizzou, Go OU!!!  Nicki works for Kappa Kappa Gamma, Mandi is going to Missouri next fall, Amber is a lawyer in Manhattan (she went to MU for her bachelors and Cornell for her law degree which is also where my grandfather went for his engineering degree in the forties), Tricia is my aunt and their mom, and Phyllis is our grandmother.

This is my bathtub, which I’ve mentioned before is storage for cleaning supplies, the trash can, and recycling.  I had to use the recycling box for something else, so the current recycling is just dropped in the tub.  That’s right, just call me Grace Kelly.  I’m full of charm.

I had also taken one of my sink turned dirty clothes bin, but I can’t get it off my email to paste.  Oh well.  Why I feel the need to share what a pig I am, I will never understand.  Speaking of pigs, don’t buy the Cinnamon Sun Chips.  They are so freaking good that you’ll eat a whole big bag in one sitting and no longer fit in your jeans.  I’m just trying to help.

And finally, this is the desk where I’m currently sitting and typing this:

Sorry about the technical issues!  I suck ass!!!