Last night, right before step-mom came to pick up Munchkin, my friend Shana from Houston called me to say she was in town for the Packers-Cowboys game, and did I want to come meet her?  Hell yeah!  I was in jammies (flannel penguins) and had already taken my contacts out, but I haven’t hung out with her and her boyfriend in ages.  So I got dressed and drove out to Irving (45 minutes away).

Let me tell you, they managed to find the only bar in the Dallas area that was completely full of Packers fans.  Not a Cowboy fan in sight (and we can include me in that since I don’t really watch football – I read during the games).  It was craaaaazy!  I met this dude:

He’s known as Saint Vince, and apparently his job is to

travel around the country going to Packers games.

I’m sorry about the spacing – the picture insisted on

being on the right, and the typing wants to go over

the picture, so I have to keep hitting enter which

makes big spaces.  But I think after the other day, we all know I am technologically challenged.

Anyway, the people I met last night were awesome!  They were so laid-back, and their accents were great.  They were good fans too – like not obnoxious at all, just excited to be here going to the game.  They were very excited about tailgating tomorrow.  Bratwursts baby!!!  I love those things.

I was trying hard to be good because I’m supposed to skate today (duh since I skate everyday), but I was drinking beer.  I didn’t want to be the girl at the table drinking vodka when everyone else had beer, so Coors Light it was.  Blech.  I had two and a half, and I feel quite cruddy.  Now for a moment of making fun – yes I am a lightweight, aka “Cheap Date” aka “Two-Can Sam” (my roommate in college, Britt, came up with that one).  In addition to not being able to drink much before being pretty drunk, I pay for my drinking with hangovers that should be attributed to three times as many drinks as I’ve actually had.  It is so not fair!  When I got home last night, I was already getting a headache, so I drank a bunch of water but it hasn’t helped so far.  My tummy is all funky too.  Ick!  With vodka, I can still only have about two and a half drinks, but I don’t get a headache.  My stomach still gets all grody, but D says it’s from the juice in the drinks.  Needless to say, movement is not at all desirable today.  Spinning is out of the question.

I have to clean the house up at some point today because Shana and Tony (that’s her boyfriend) are coming to stay with me on Friday.  This does mean more drinking though.  So also today, I will have to leave the house to go buy beer and vodka (not making that mistake again) and stuff for shots.  Shana wants Jagermeister and RedBull shots.  Oh dear, I’m already afraid.  What I’m wondering is how all this will affect my Saturday plans.  I’m supposed to go out with skating people and get obliterated since that’s the day the ex gets married.  However, I’m sure I’ll be hungover which makes me so not want to drink.  Plus I don’t like drinking two days in a row since that’s a lot for my body to handle.  I think I just don’t metabolize alcohol well.  That sucks ass.

I’m giving myself until one o’clock to feel better, and then I have to get started on my chores and errands.  I think I’m going to get a heating blanket today too.  My room is really cold!  In the meantime, I think I want to go back to sleep for a little bit.