Friday with Shana and Tony was fun.  We hung out and drank pretty much all day, but it was that paced drinking where you just barely get a buzz.  I don’t know that I ever even got buzzed.  Anyway, we played Guitar Hero with Munchkin when he got here for the night.  Shana and Tony had never played, so we had virgins.  I think Shana liked it more than Tony.

So that was all good, and I felt fine yesterday.  My skating people came over last night which was exactly what I wanted so that I could get as bombed as I wanted without having to have somebody drive me home or sleep somewhere besides home.  I had appetizer stuff plus beer, vodka, gin, and wine.  I was drinking vodka to hopefully avoid a hangover.  We did do the Jagerbomb shots, and they are truly gross.  They taste like Vick’s Cough Syrup.  Freaking nasty!  I was doing okay, but was definitely drunk until we decided to do vodka shots.  After that, I was just pissed out of my mind.  Urgh … there is stuff in my room that I don’t remember taking up there, and I couldn’t find my cell phone until I called myself.  It was on the foosball table.  I have zero recollection of even going in that room.  None.

So the first time I woke up this morning, I felt okay, but with a headache which I don’t usually get off vodka.  I’ll get a stomachache from the juice, but I didn’t have that.  The second time I woke up, I was laying there thinking, “Don’t puke, please don’t puke.”  That’s just not a good sign.  Bloody hell.  About ten minutes later, I was puking.  And then I threw up again.  And then I decided I really needed to let the dog out, so I went downstairs.  I thought the barfing was over, but no, not so much.  I finished my barf-fest around one o’clock.  Food is out of the question at the moment, like even breakfasty food which is always awesome when you’re hung over.  I’m drinking Sprite, and it’s staying down for now.  I just can’t believe I got so drunk that I threw up.  I haven’t done that in years!  In fact, that was the last major barf event, with the “apple juice isn’t food with Vicodin” incident as the breaker of the streak in between then and now.  So long story short, I’ve thrown up twice this year, and I never never never puke.  And I apparently only puke when I’m very drunk or too stupid to realize what actually qualifies as food.

So for today, I haven’t moved from the couch or taken a shower or anything like that.  That’s right, I’m disgusting.  Spike in Notting Hill has nothing on me today.  Anyway, the few times I’ve gotten up that didn’t involve throwing up again, I have felt like total crap.  Maybe I should eat something.  Kind of scary though!!!