I dreamed last night that I went to Alaska with my parents.  For once, it wasn’t a bad flight dream (as in the plane didn’t crash as per usual), but rather it was a bad luggage experience.  The airline managed to lose my suitcase, my carry-on, my purse, and the clothes I was wearing.  You would think the last three things would be my responsibility, but apparently not so much.

So we got to our hotel, and I grabbed a towel from my room and put it on like a cape so we could go buy some clothes for me.  So many errors in judgement here.  First of all, a cape?  Really?  That covered like nothing.  Secondly, couldn’t I have just said, “Hey, here’s what size I wear, I need some pants and a shirt.  A bra and panties might be nice too, but I like to show off my non-existent boobs and go commando, so really, either way.”  Nah, in my world, we go shopping in a towel-cape down the streets of a town that looked suspiciously like “Northern Exposure” which is my only Alaska experience.

We were in this one store, and I found some shorts (logic, anyone?  It was freaking cold in this little town), but my mom found pink OU terrycloth flip-flop things.  She was all excited, and meanwhile, naked me just wants someone to buy me something to wear since my purse had yet to turn up.  So I asked my dad, “Hey Dad, will you buy this stuff for me please?”

He goes, “No, I don’t think so.”

WTF???  “Dad, I don’t have a purse, so I don’t have any money.”


My mom got the flip-flops though.  Mmm, there is meaning to ponder there.  Or not.  I had a bunch of other dreams and in general slept like crap because I kept waking up from the weird dreams and then I couldn’t go back to sleep.  It sucked ass!  This was the only dream that I remember though.  Boy, if it’s any indication, the others must’ve been doozies.