The Christmas shopping may be finished.  I’ll know for sure when everything is wrapped.  I hope it’s over – it has been really freaking stressful this year!

I made the cookies for my other coaches, J and A, tonight.  I had everything out on racks cooling, and I went out to the garage to … um … smoke (I know, I know, insert lecture here), and when I came back, the dog looked guilty and his mouth looked full.  I was like, “What do you have?”, and he ran off.  I went in the kitchen, and sure enough, the little asshead had stolen two cookies.  I guess I’m lucky it was only two though.  Ick, I hope there’s not dog slobber on the others.  I don’t think there is – I checked for wetness.  Gross!

A little later, I grabbed the laptop and went to sit on the couch to type this, and there was chocolate all over my usual spot.  Did I mention these were chocolate chip cookies?  Yeah.  This dog is seriously doing nothing to relax me.  Aren’t pets supposed to lower your blood pressure?  Labs must be exempt.  I spend most of my day trying not to murder my dog.

So far this week, he’s gotten into mud every day, and he has eaten my Man-Friend blanket, a pillow, two kitchen towels, the aforementioned cookies, a turtleneck, and a pair of pajamas.  The thing is, he’s kenneled when I’m not home and at night, and he follows me wherever I go.  So when I’m doing something like peeing and I don’t let him in the bathroom with me, he runs off and takes my stuff.  I need a nanny for my dog.  Do they even have those?  Cuz they should!