My family is not having such a great holiday so far.  After leaving the hospital without surgery, my grandmother was readmitted the night before last, and they did surgery yesterday.  They started out doing arthroscopic(?) to repair the kink or whatever in her intestine, but then realized that wasn’t going to do it, so they ended up having to go in like ER or Grey’s Anatomy and remove nine inches of her colon.  As usual, nobody is being very good about passing on information, so my mom is frantic.  She keeps calling everyone in Austin saying, “It has been two hours since I’ve had an update.  One of you needs to call me and tell me what’s going on!”

Nobody will come near me because I’m horribly sick with the flu and a sinus infection.  See, I have what is known in very medical terms as a craptacular immune system.  You have these things which are called Natural Killer Cells, and lovely normal people have between 30 and 170.  I have 12.  If I had 8, they would call what I have “Lupus”.  But with 12, they’re not sure what to call it other than “your immune system sucks”.  Awesome.  The bottom line is that I get sick easier than normal people, and once I am sick, I tend to pick up more than one thing.  So like now, I have the flu with a sinus infection.  Once I had the flu and strep throat.  That sucked ass.  I’m pretty sure I’ve picked up an ear infection as well, but I’m already on antibiotics, so there’s no point in going to the doctor again.  Plus it’s Christmas Eve and I’m out of town, so good luck to me in finding a doctor.

My transplant patient mother picked up something in the hospital when her mom was originally in there.  So she’s on Cipro which means we don’t have to worry about her getting anything from me.  Plus the doctor said I wasn’t contagious anymore, but my sister is like, “Yeah, I’ll believe that when I don’t get sick” as she edges further and further from me.  I would feel really horrible if I gave this to anyone.  D gave it to me, and as of Saturday night, he had been sick for eleven days and was still feeling cruddy.  And he only had the flu portion of it.  I’d kick his ass, but I don’t have the energy and he’s in New Mexico right now.  My legs aren’t that long, hahaha.  I’m a dork.

My aunt and uncle who live in Reno had a house fire.  My uncle got home, opened the garage, and saw that the furnace was on fire.  My aunt and cousin were in the house and had no idea there was anything wrong.  So my uncle got them out, called the fire department, and the fire was put out.  They discovered that the fire had gone under the flooring and into the foundation which is pier and beam.  One of the beams was still on fire, so they got that put out.  So there’s structural damage to the house which is being repaired, and because it was the furnace, they have no heat.  It’s very cold there, and the insurance company provided space heaters.  Space heaters???  Uh no, I’d call it “loss of use” and move into a hotel until my furnace was fixed.  Anyway, they carry their little space heaters from room to room with them, and they’re using the fireplace, but that doesn’t heat the whole house.  My aunt went to Austin to help with my grandmother though, so she’s at least out of the house.

My sister and brother-in-law were driving to Bartlesville from Austin, which is like a ten hour drive or something, on Saturday (which is when I was supposed to come too, but I didn’t make it until yesterday), and they spun out on the ice on Price Rd., which is like the last little bit of road you have to drive on before getting to my Oklahoma grandparent’s house.  Jason’s truck is totaled.  They didn’t hit anyone else, and nobody was hurt, but the truck is fucked up.  The bed has pulled away from the cab in kind of a “V” shape.  There were two other signs that the frame was bent, but I don’t remember what they were.  So they’re spending today trying to buy a new truck so they can get home in a few days.  They were looking at the Tahoe hybrid, but it’s like $50K, and that makes Kim sick to her stomach.  But they need a big truck or SUV to pull their boat, so it’s not going to be cheap.  It doesn’t have to be 50 grand though.

So I think we’ve had enough shitty stuff happen for one holiday season, don’tcha think?  I’m ready for some good times.  Or a margarita, whatever.  At some point today, I need to get out of this bed and to a mall to pick up a couple of last minute wee gifts.  I will spread my Christmas sick all over Bartlesville, yay.  I just might find a margarita then.  I think I want a raspberry one.