I pretty much played Rock Band all day today, which by the way is now Christmas, but only because it’s 12:49 am.  So really, I played all day yesterday, but whatever.  It’s fun, but gosh, I suck at the drums.  I suck even worse at singing though.  Kim, Jason, Amber, Nicki, Mandi, Munchkin, and I were playing, so we were rotating through the instruments.  They originally weren’t going to make me sing because I’ve lost my voice, but then we went ahead with it just for the entertainment value.  I did okay on that Flyleaf song “I’m So Sick” which is somewhat ironic.  I was awful on “Buddy Holly”, but didn’t flunk somehow.  Then my mom yelled at me for singing and touching instruments that other people were going to touch.  I felt like Kindergarten.  I was like, “But I’m not contagious!”  Nobody’s buying that so much.  Oh, and then they made us quit because we were ruining Christmas Eve by not playing something with the “adults” (I put quote marks there since Munchkin is the only non-adult here, but the nefarious “they” in this scenario is all the parents and grandparents, so they’re the so-called adults here).

I seem to have picked up a cold though because my nose is all runny and I can’t stop sneezing.  Either that or the sinus infection is draining or something equally gross.  My left eye is all drippy, but the makeup survived until after the Christmas Eve pajama pictures were taken.  I’ll post those when I get home.

On the plus side, my cough is getting much better, but because I have a bunch of new crud and only one antibiotic left in my Z-pack, my mom is threatening to take me to one of those emergency care centers.  Uh no … Quack Shack, anyone?  So then she said my other choice would be the emergency room because what else is open on Christmas?  I said, nope, I’m fine, I’m not going anywhere.  That said, I am somewhat concerned that I seem to be getting worse despite the meds.  No way in hell am I going to the fucking emergency room over this shit though.  No way!!!

I was pretty bored today.  They left me home all day while everyone else went shopping.  I didn’t feel up to going anyway.  Then this evening, they all went to church.  I don’t normally go, but I do like to go on Christmas Eve because I like the songs.  They wouldn’t let me though.  So I stayed home and played the little plastic guitar.  I feel like a leper.  Like, I understand and everything, but jeez!