The award for the sickest term EVER used to find my blog is (drumroll, please) … “see mom’s asshole”.  Ick!  What kind of sick fuck wants to see their mom’s asshole???

The party on New Year’s Eve was fun.  It was mostly women that my ex had gone to high school with, and most of them were divorced with kids, so we had that in common.  Then it turns out that we are all super high-maintenance about our hair.  Then there was the Longaberger factor (I got a new customer, yay me).  And finally, we got onto sex toys, so we had the Pure Romance thing working for us.  They were great.  So I’m really glad I went because I think these gals have the potential to be good friends.

The ladies taught me to keep my cell phone in my bra just for fun.  It cracked me up every time it went off.  My Man-Friend seemed to be either a) missing me, or b) worried that I was going to do something stoopid – one of his texts inquired, “Are we behaving?”.  So I got a bunch of texts from him which vibrated my boobs, excellent!  I’m so easy to please.

My ex was a bartender before he became a multi-bazillionaire, so he makes really good shots.  One you should try is a Chocolate-Covered Raspberry.  It’s Frangelico, Baileys, and Chambord in (I think) equal parts.  Very tasty.  We also did Tuaca Lemon Drops.  Besides the shots, I only had one drink, and then the side effects of the migraine started to kick in, and I felt like I was going to barf, so I went home around 12:30.  Then I spent the next three hours texting racy messages with Man-Friend.  Hehehe.

I went back to skating today.  Yee-ikes.  We mostly worked on Moves in the Field because they’re a good way to get your legs back under you after a break.  I did okay-ish.  I was pretty wobbly, and some of the backwards stuff had a tendency to make me dizzy.  J said it was because of all the snot in my head, yum.  He and L gave me this really pretty bowl that they got in Mexico.  It’s got chili peppers painted in three colors on the inside.  I also got to see their wedding pictures (at least the ones J had on his phone).  L looked stunning!  A bunch of the pictures were on the beach, and they were just beautiful.  I’ve got to get my passport so I can go with them next time.  In the meantime, we’re planning another party here on January 12th.  Or whatever day the Saturday after the one is.  I told J that we’re going to play Beer Pong.  Yes, I know I’m 38 years old.  I don’t care!