A quick note before we start: my font looks weird on my writing page.  I wonder what it’ll look like on my regular page.  We’ll see!  Also, if going to the gyno grosses you out, the first bit of this post may be a little icky for you. 

I had my annual exam yesterday, which always involves more than just my girlie parts.  The girls are fine, and I don’t have to get a mammogram for another two years, so that’s cool.  The only problem is that the knowledge that I have to get a mammogram in two years makes me feel O-L-D.  How can I be almost old enough to need mammograms???

Things are fine down below too – I apparently have nice small ovaries.  I have no idea what that means, but she was pretty graphic.  She said they were like “little walnuts”.  I was like, “Ew, are we done now?  Please?”  We’ll know about the Pap smear in a week.

She checked my skin since I’m so bloody pale and I live in Texas (though I’m sure she checks other people’s skin – but she mentioned how pale I am and how strong the sun is here).  That was all fine.  My weight is healthy, though I would like to lose four to nine pounds.  Nine pounds would make me very skinny, so it may be too much.  But four pounds may not be enough in my world.  We’ll see.

Anyway, she cracked me up when she congratulated me for being so healthy.  She said it would be nice if more of her patients were like me, etc.  I was like, “Honey, you might want to check your little chart over there.  I’m the opposite of healthy – I just hide it better than most!”  I know she knows about my immune system issues because she made me get a flu shot just in case.  Well that, and the fact that we had to do all my bloodwork.  She was a little annoyed with me that I didn’t get a shot earlier what with my history and all.  But flu isn’t something I normally get.  I get infections galore.  Anyway, the flu shot sucks it.  My freaking arm hurt so bad, and then the lab people drew my blood from that same arm.  Why?  That’s just dumb.  Unless their thought was, “We’ll leave her with one good arm.”  They took all my blood.  Vials and vials of my blood.  Oh, it was gross in the extreme.  They’ll run all their little tests on it, and then we’ll know how I’m doing compared to last year.

We were talking about the skating, and she asked if I was competing.  I told her about the Reston competition in June, and how I was more worried about the flight than competing.  She gave me a prescription for Xanex, yay!  I told my coach I had that bit taken care of, and he goes, “Great, so one of my students is going to be on drugs.”  No!  Only on the planes.  And then, hell yeah, I’m gonna be doped up.  Otherwise there is no way in fuck that I’d go.  No way.

My man-friend came over last night.  I put the silky sheets on the bed even while knowing that I hate them.  I do usually use silky pillowcases because they’re better for your hair than cotton, and when he saw those, he said, “Please tell me you have the matching sheets for these.”  I said I did, but that they suck because everything slips off.  But I decided it would be best if he got to see for himself.  Good goobies, all night long it was like, “Where’d the pillows go?”  Well, they slid off the bed.  “Where’d the blankets go?”  Well, they too slid off the bed.  “Where’d you go?”  I also slid off the bed.  Just kidding.  Plus they are not at all absorbent, so you can imagine what happens with anything fun that you might take to bed with a man-friend.  And they’re hot, so all night long, I was sweating.  Mmm, sexy!  I looked so bad this morning.  Plus I didn’t sleep very well.  It’s hard for me to sleep with someone else in my bed.  I love having him there, don’t get me wrong.  But if he coughs, I wake up.  If he sniffles, I wake up.  If he changes position, I wake up.  But when he’s not here, I wish he was because he’s an awesome cuddler.  All night long, it’s like he makes sure that some part of me is touching some part of him.  I really like how he spoons.  I really like how he does a lot of things, but I’m not going to write porn here today even though my blog is rated NC-17.  For language!!!  And probably sexual references too, if I must be fair.

Well, I’m supposed to leave here in about an hour and a half to go skate (and that would be my second session – I’d have to leave right now to make the first and that’s not gonna happen since I haven’t managed to get in the shower).  I don’t know if I’m going to make it.  I’m not feeling all that well, and I don’t know if it’s from my shot or all my missing blood (though surely that’s back to normal now) or because I didn’t sleep enough.  Whatever the reason, my blood sugar was so low this morning I could hardly drag myself out of bed to get some orange juice to fix it.  I’m sure that’s because I didn’t eat much yesterday.  I was very busy texting lewd messages with the man-friend before he got here, and that just put eating out the window.  Oh well!