Pacer (see blogroll) did this a while back and tagged anyone who likes hot sauce.  I like hot sauce, so here goes.  You photograph five things in your fridge and talk about them.


1) This is my supply of Diet Big Red.  It’s very ugly here when that runs out.  It’s also ugly when the stupid fuckers at Target forget to order enough and I get there only to find no Diet Big Red.


2) This is my party beer.  The Coors Light is for J, and the nasty Papst was for Tony when he and Shana visited.  Now D drinks an occasional one.  Ick!  I thought the guys at the beer store were going to fall over laughing when I asked if they had it.  I was like, “I have this friend who has requested …”.  I’m sure they thought I was “my friend”.  D says he’s white trash when he drinks it.


3)  That’s my hummus – roasted red pepper flavored.  Yum!


4) This one is my juice and salad dressing.  The orange juice is what I drink first thing in the morning so I won’t pass out.  The cranberry and grapefruit are for vodka drinks.  Most of the salad dressing is expired because …


5) My vegetable drawer is completely empty.  So there is no need for salad dressing.  I kind of quit buying salad and stuff when I kept forgetting to eat it and would have rotting veggies in the drawer.  Nasty!


Bonus picture:  This is my dog in the vodka drawer.  There’s actually a bottle of Jager in there which he is licking.  Smart dog!

I hope this pics show up since Pacer couldn’t see the last batch I posted.