I was trying to get my pictures of my shooting target on here, and I can’t get them to be small.  They’re like huge, where you’d have to scroll sideways and up & down.  What a load of crap!  I’m soooooo pissed off right now.  If y’all know how to fix this, will you let me know (in small words since I clearly suck)?

I’ve been running all over town today.  First I had a Longaberger cult meeting.  I spent the whole time texting with D about boobs, so don’t ask me what’s new in Longabergerland.  Well, not the whole time, but enough.

After that, I went over to Abby’s house.  She just moved here and is the daughter of a family friend.  Her sister, her mom, and my mom were also there.  Her 80-year-old grandmother also came over.  Her name is Jimmie, and she has a more active love life than the rest of us combined.  That was pretty entertaining.  I also got to see the magic of a normal mother-daughter relationship.  It just fascinates me.  I know they’re not perfect all the time, but it was stuff like being able to disagree with their mother and not get their heads ripped off that really made an impression.  For instance, Libby bought Abby a couple of rugs to see if they would work in the house.  Abby and Ashley didn’t like them, so they’re taking them back.  No big deal.  My mom would’ve taken it as a personal affront and made me feel small and icky for wasting her time and thinking her taste sucks it and she must be a horrible person because of it.  It was quite refreshing.

I’m doing another hair show on Tuesday, but my hair has already been cut and colored for it.  For this one, I have to wear weird clothes and do the runway thing.  My music is that “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol.  I have to shake my hips on the “more more more” part.  Cue the laughter because … what hips???  I’m wearing this little black strapless top and red and black plaid pants with little buckle things hanging off them.  My hair will be just bizarre.  We’re taking pictures, but considering I’m a dumbass, who knows if y’all will get to see?  All I know is because I’m willing to put up with this humiliation and get my hair cut like Hanoi Jane’s AGAIN, I am the best friend ever.  EVAH!  I just hope the pants still fit on Tuesday because D told me I need to eat more.  He said I look like I’ve been in a concentration camp which is total bullshit because I still have five pounds to go (though it could be seven now since I’ve done nothing but eat since he said that).  And for the record, I am nowhere near that skinny regardless of the poundage to go.