My grandparents are pretty excited about the place they looked at this weekend.  Their plan is to go back today and put down the deposit and all that good stuff, so it looks like they’re moving here.  Now my sister will be the only one in Austin and she’ll have to come here for holidays, haha sucka!!!  I hadn’t even thought about the new non-traveling holiday bonus until now, but that rocks my socks right off.  I’ll still have to go to Oklahoma to see my other grandparents, but this is pretty fucking awesome.

D has a list of stuff he wants to do in Dallas before he leaves on the 15th.  One of those things is the Dallas Aquarium.  I’ve never been there, so we’re going tomorrow.  I’m really excited about the predators exhibit.  Big mean fish are cool as long as the can’t eat me.

We’ve finally nailed down dates for my first trip out to Albuquerque, so I’m going to make my travel arrangements.  Which, of course, includes the plane tickets, VOMIT!!!  I’m so not happy with the hotel situation there.  It seems that the only rooms with microwaves in the city are suites.  All the rooms have refrigerators, so I’m like, “How fucking hard is it to stick a little microwave on top of that?”  Not hard, people!  I’m going to be there for five days, so believe me when I say I have to have a microwave.  On top of that, to make this remotely affordable, I’m going to have to stay in a gaggy Best Western.  I’m a little bit of a spoiled hotel snot, so yeah, this isn’t good.  It’s the opposite of awesome.  If I can hear the people next door smoking crack and having wild monkey sex, I’m gonna throw poo at them (damn, I am classy!).  Unfortunately, I just can’t pay a grand for a hotel stay when I have to go out there at least three times.  The suck thing is that it’s still going to be like $500.  Ack!!!  Then I have to pay for dog boarding, ice time, lessons, and a rental car.  I better take the X-Box with me for entertainment and whore myself out for alcohol.  Luckily you can get drunk really fast at altitude, so I’d probably only have to blow the guy.