Man-Friend and I have decided to try this thing long-distance.  When I told Anjelica, she goes, “He’s your boyfriend now!”  I got the yips from that.  I don’t say that word – it freaks me out.  I much prefer Man-Friend.

Anyway, what we decided is that we’ll do the back and forth thing, and then if everything is working the way we want it, I’ll move out there.  That’s right, me, back in that hell-hole of a state.  I knew there was a reason I kept my copy of “Hikers and Climbers Guide to the Sandias”.  Gak, they have state income tax too.  I think I’ve made my feelings on paying taxes quite clear – though I’m sure I’m not alone in hating them.  They tax food there too.  We don’t do that in Texas, and we don’t have state income tax either.  Why they need both is beyond me, but whatever. 

We were talking about our families and stuff, and his sounds like so much fun.  I have to pass the test of one of his sister’s though (if she doesn’t like me, I’m dead in the water.  It’s nerve-wracking because people either love me or hate me, pretty much on sight).  I’m afraid.  Apparently she’ll kick my ass if I’m not doing things right with him.  I was like, “I’m a nice person, damn it!  I’m fun.  I make people play games.  And I will keep you in the world’s best chocolate chip cookies!”  We’ll see how I fit in though.  That’s important – I had a boyfriend who didn’t fit in with my family, and it was a fucking nightmare.

He’s coming over tonight after having dinner with his dad who is in town to drive back with him.  They’re loading up his dad’s truck and towing M-F’s car behind.  I’m going to make cookies for them to take on the road.  Tomorrow night we’re having the big going-away bash, and then he leaves on Sunday morning.  Sucktacular!!!  I’m going shopping with L on Sunday so I don’t sit around here boo-hooing like a teenaged girl.  Then I’ll start on all the projects around the house I’ve been neglecting so that time passes quickly until I go visit.

So that’s the plan – I’m excited but slightly scared.  I like him really a lot and would hate for this not to work out.  I don’t mind the thought of living in New Mexico even though I make fun of the whole state and always will because it is seriously fucked in the head, but it’s just scary to think of all the steps in between.  I’m going to take it one step at a time.  I don’t think he’s got any problem whatsoever with going slow, so it’s all good.  Yay!!!