I updated this on 6/14/08 so if you’ve looked before, some things are different now.

1. I’m a 38-year-old DWF.  I’ll be 39 before the year is over.  This irks me.

2.  I have a 13-year-old son.  Still not sure how that’s possible.

3.  I have a dog named Magnus.  He’s a Yellow Lab of the English variety, meaning he has a big block head and is larger than an American variety lab.  I didn’t know there were different kinds until I got him.

4.  My favorite season is Fall, specifically late Fall because of where I live.  It’s not coolish here until November, but it’s great when we get there.  You can open up all the windows and everything smells good and … fallish.

5.  I live in Texas, outside of Dallas in the sort-of country.

6.  I chose to live in the sort-of country because I was able to afford a bigger house with a bigger yard out here.  I’ve since discovered that the bigger yard is nice, what with the dog and all, but the bigger house just takes longer to clean!  Also the commute to anywhere civilized is annoying.  It’s only like twenty minutes, but it’s still a nuisance.

7.  I wish I drove a hybrid so I didn’t feel so guilty about my driving habits.  *UPDATE* I just bought a new car which is not a hybrid because you have to go on waiting lists in order to get your hybrid around here.  So then it’s like nine months before you get your car, and I needed one now.  So still no hybrid.

8.  Recycling is very important to me.  I think your recycling bin should always be fuller than your trash bin.  I don’t always succeed.

9.  I used to be a hard-core Republican, but I’m now what my ex-husband calls a Crunchy-can.

10.  In an ideal world, I think you’d be able to vote in one set of people to deal with fiscal issues, and another to deal with social issues.  That’d fix my problem!

11.  Since the world is not ideal, I’m not currently registered to vote.  Yes, I feel shame.

12.  If I were registered to vote, I’d probably vote for Barack Obama if he’d promise not to bomb Pakistan (can we not have a good love-in, people???) and if he wouldn’t tax partnerships unduly as that is the source of my income and if they do what they’re talking about, I’m screwed and will have to get a real job.

13.  I used to to substitution work at the rink that I skate at, but they didn’t give me anything to do, and a bored me is a trouble-making me.  So I kind of quit, but not really ever officially.  I just quit picking up shifts.  I still have my little rink shirts.  I kind of suck as an employee.

14.  I’m learning to ice dance.  I love it even though it makes you feel like a true dolt on a daily basis.  We even have a name for it: Retard Monday.  That’s because nobody can do anything right on a Monday.  You feel like an idiot.  There is no exception to this rule.  Retard Monday can happen randomly on any given day as well.

15.  My coach is supremely talented but is choosing to retire from competition.  I am so pissed off at him for this.  He knows.  I told him off one day after he told me his family was upset.  I was like, “Oh yeah, well guess what, Buddy?  I am too!”  He tried to change the subject, but oh no, I was going to have my say.  I rarely have my say with him.  It’s his job to tell me what to do, not the other way around.  Which is not to say I don’t try.

16.  I can be very opinionated and occupy the top of a soapbox quite nicely.

17.  My mother had a liver transplant five years ago.

18.  She had been sober for one year when she got her new liver.  So yeah, I grew up with an alcoholic mother.

19.  Growing up with an alcoholic mother means your mother is not your friend.  It has always fascinated me to watch so-called “normal” mothers and their daughters.  I wonder what it would’ve been like to grow up like that – to have a mom you could go shopping with or tell your problems to and all that.  I’m still very awkward with my mother because I’m not sure I can trust her.

20.  My father was largely absent while I was growing up.  I guess you’d call him a workaholic.  He provided very nicely for us, and we never went without anything.  But he wasn’t there, you know?

21.  My favorite person on the planet is my sister.  She’s three years younger than me.

22.  We fought like cats and dogs growing up, but finally started getting along when I was about 20 and she was 17.  That’s a long time to fight with somebody!  But we’ve now been getting along for as long as we fought, so that’s good.

23.  My favorite meat is steak, and by steak I mean Fillet Mignon.

24.  It’s even better if it’s topped with seafood.

25.  I love peas.  Peas and carrots are good too.  I also like to mix in peas with a Sweet and Spicy Tuna pack.  Don’t knock it til you try it!

26.  My favorite candy is Hot Tamales.  We were talking about this at ballet one day (my dance teacher loves Hot Tamales too), and one of the girls goes, “Oh, I love Mexican food!”  No, darlin’, not Tamales.  Hot Tamales.  Chewy cinnamon candies.

27.  I like to drink Diet Big Red, iced tea, and coffee.  Right now I’m drinking coffee I made.  I prefer the kind Starbucks makes.

28.  My favorite Starbucks drink was Soy No-Whip Peppermint Mocha.

29.  I have a new favorite, and it’s got a very long title.  I hope I get it right.  Soy No-Whip Pumpkin Spice Chai Tea Latte.  It’s better than a normal Pumpkin Spice because the chai tea makes it even spicier.  It is so good!  *Update* Since I’m trying to lose weight, I now drink a Soy Two-Splenda Latte.  Depressing, but still yummy.

30.  I let my son drink Starbucks too, as long as he gets decaf.  He likes the Cinnamon Dolce Latte.  The baristas have a cute reaction to him – they’re all like, “Oh, a latte?  You like coffee?”  And he goes, “I love coffee!”  I think it just makes him feel very grown up.

31.  My favorite TV shows are, sadly, reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother and So You Think You Can Dance.

32.  My favorite hour-long shows are Ugly Betty, Heroes, Lost, CSI Miami, and Grey’s Anatomy.

33.  I used to hate Grey’s Anatomy, but I bought the Season One soundtrack for one song, Ruby Blue by Roisin Murphy.  We were using it for a jazz dance, and I loved the song.  I ended up loving the whole soundtrack, so I gave the show another chance.  It’s on Saturday nights on Lifetime (gak, yes, I am frequently at home when it’s on, but if not, I DVR it).  Now I think it’s a great show.

34.  For comedy shows, like the half-hour kind, I like reruns of Cheers and Friends.  I also like How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

35.  If I’m not in skating or dance clothes, I’m generally in jeans and a v-neck plain t-shirt.  I’m perfectly happy in jeans until it’s 95 degrees out.  At that point, I reluctantly wear shorts.  I’m very pale, so shorts are not my friend.

36.  When it’s cold, I’m in jeans and a long sleeved shirt which is generally made of cotton, but that is frillier than a t-shirt, or a sweater.

37.  I love flannel jammies.  My sister loves them so much that she wears them year-round.  Needless to say, I freeze to death at her house in the summer.

38.  My brother-in-law tests video games for a living.  Can you imagine?  It would be like being an ice cream taster for me.  He looks an awful lot like Russell Crowe, but blonder.  And without the temper.  He is probably the most laid-back person I’ve ever met.  Anyway, I like him, and he and my sister are great together.  *UPDATE* They’re adopting a baby who will finally be in their house next week, yay!!!

39.  I am always on a diet, yet never seem to make any real progress.  Hunh.  Maybe I need to change the diet some.  I’ll go on the Supermodel diet of coffee and cigarettes.  No, not really!

40.  Every time I lose some weight, I go on vacation, and blammo!  It’s back!!!  I had lost eight pounds, and then I went to my grandmother’s and gained it all back.  She’s always yelling at us, “Eat!  EAT!!!”  So we do.  Oops.  I’ve lost three of it, but I’ve been bouncing around in this minus three to minus four range for three weeks.  Urgh!  I feel the need to point out that even though my grandmother is always telling us to eat, she never eats herself.  So she stays skinny, and the rest of us roll out of town in sweatpants.

41.  I don’t have a specific musical taste.  I’ll listen to just about anything, but I do it in phases.  Like I’ll listen to classical music for a few weeks, then alternative, then that damn mix channel that makes me feel old and like I’ve lost my musical relevance in the world.

42.  I’m a weather nerd.  I love the Weather Channel.  I can watch that for hours.

43.  I’m a space nerd too.

44.  I have an X-Box 360, a Wii, and a Game Cube.  So I think I might be a game nerd too.  I love Guitar Hero (and am waiting rather impatiently for Rock Band so I can play the shit out of some drums) and Wii Tennis.  Wario Smooth Moves is fun too.  *UPDATE* It turns out that I suck at the drums.  Damn it!  I suck even worse at singing though.  Needless to say, I don’t do karaoke.  EVER.

45.  I have a filthy, dirty little mouth.  I have been scolded on more than one occasion by my coach for using the f-word on a session where kids were out there.  First of all, I’m pretty quiet, so I doubt they heard.  And second, if they did hear, I’m sure they’ve heard it before.  And third, yeah, I know I sound defensive.  I should.  There’s no excuse for saying the f-word in front of an eleven-year-old.  That said, my coach has a dirtier mouth than I do, so whatever D!

46.  My blog is rated NC-17.  I found this out from Pacer the other day.  I thought it would be for the f-bombs, but they were like fourth on the list of reasons.  The number one word I got slapped for was “ass” which showed up twelve times.

47.  I change my mind all the time, so don’t expect any kind of consistency out of me!

48.  I think my house looks the prettiest at Christmas.  It’s like it was designed to be decorated for Christmas.  I get very depressed at how bare everything looks when I take down all the decorations.  But like right now, in September, I think it looks fine.  In January, ack!

49.  I like being single.  I like not having to share my bed.  I like being able to do my own thing without worrying that somebody is being left out.  That said, I wouldn’t mind having somebody to go with on a date now and then.  But a casual date with no expectations.  I’m not in a relationship-y place right now!  *BIG UPDATE*  Ha to all that.  I’m in a very serious relationship now which you can read all about under the category of “Man-Friend”.  And by the way, he’s good for sharing a bed with except for the cover stealing.  We’re going to have to get that fixed before winter comes again.

50.  I love reading.  I will read anything within sight distance, which means I read things like the warnings on life vests on a boat, the capacity signs in elevators, instruction manuals, and pretty much anything and everything with words on it.  I even re-read books.  But it has to be a really good book to be re-reading worthy.  In spite of all the reading, I can’t spell worth a crap!


7 Responses to “50 Things about Me”

  1. myweeworld Says:

    I found a new area in my blog – just checking it out. I’ll mess with it more when I’m not on Vicodin.

  2. myweeworld Says:

    I’m not on Vicodin and I’ve updated the page, finally! Seven months later. I’m not a procastinator or anything.

  3. Pacer Says:

    Why in the world are you not on Vicodin?! Didn’t you just have more dental work done?


  4. myweeworld Says:

    I know, it totally sucks! It hasn’t hurt much though. That’s too bad …

  5. Milan Sacha Says:

    hi myweeworld,
    I was wondering if I could use some of the writing on your website in a textbook of English I’m currently working on and am going to self-publish in Czechia some time next year (approx. 500 copies). Please let me know how you’d feel about this at arnost@uh.cz. Thanks a lot.
    Milan Sacha, the Czech Republic

  6. I just added you on my blogroll, come visit my site and see what you think

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