Before I start the update, I have a story.  I busted my ass yesterday on backwards crossovers.  Again!  I hadn’t fallen in around three months, so I figure I was due.  It was the same thing it always is – I brought my toe in too close to my heel, and the blades hit, and splat.  And these are dance blades.  There is no fucking tail on them, so I’m bringing everything in really close to be able to hit.  Dude, it hurt so fucking much.  I think I hit bone.  So yeah, my ass still hurts today and I’m sitting and walking funny.  I’m gimpy.  Miss Emily was cracking up.  I’m not sure why it amuses all the coaches so much when I fall.  My hope is that I usually look graceful or something, so when I fall it’s unexpected and laughable.  I’m sure that’s the opposite of true though.

Anyway, here’s the update.  We all went out on Saturday night for Man-Friend’s good-bye party.  I had a horrible stomachache beforehand, but was fine once we got going.  We went to a country bar to see this guy play that J likes.  He was good.  I realized that I had seen them once before with these guys, but it was before M-F and I got together.  We hung out with everyone for a while, and then went off on our own so we could just sit and be together.  It was nice.

Later, our Russian friend, S, told me, “You know he likes you, right?”  I was like, yeah, I know.  Then he goes, “You know he more than likes you, yeah?”  So I dragged S off to get more information which really just consisted of me telling him that I more than like M-F as well.  He was telling me that M-F is a great guy and all that, but I already know that too.  So we went back over to everyone else and S tells M-F that he thinks we should just get married already and start having puppies.  Oh my God.

The last song the band played was a slow one, and we danced.  Neither of us normally dances seeing as how we’ve always been choreographed for (my background is actually ballet), but we did it.  I’m telling you, it was the single most romantic thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I was completely melty.  It was all those things you hear, like it felt like we were the only two people there even though we were periodically jostled and all that stuff.  I’m not at all a romantic person, but I was oozy mush.

We ended up staying at J and L’s since they live a lot closer to M-F than I do.  We didn’t get much sleep for a few reasons that I won’t get into since I’m not tacky that way, ha, but key among them was that I had to have him home by 6:30 at the latest since his dad wanted to hit the road.  It was so hard to drop him off.  I was like, “Fuck this shit, I’m kidnapping you.”  He said they’d know where to find him anyway.  I was kind of glad his dad wasn’t out there because my hair was a disaster.

Driving home was awful.  I was crying and my hair was all crazy, so I had to look freshly released from the nuthouse.  I went back to bed when I got home.  Around the time I woke up, he woke up from sleeping in the car and we texted the rest of the day.  Then we talked on the phone that night.  That seems to be our routine now.  It’s a good thing I switched to unlimited texting!

Monday in stroking class, J and I did nothing but talk about M-F.  Seriously nothing.  It was bad.  We’re so sad though!  M-F said it sounded like a wake.  It felt like one too.  But J told me something interesting.  He goes, “Did he tell you he told his parents about you?”  No!!!  No, he did not tell me that!  Apparently his dad didn’t say much about it, but he’s generally quiet anyway.  His mom was excited though.  Hee!  He still hasn’t told me that though.  He’s so funny about that stuff. 

I think we’ve thoroughly hashed out M-F’s inability to express his feelings unless super-drunk, but he did tell me before he left that he does like me and that he would miss me.  Today I got a text that said, “I miss u”.  So sweet!  It means a lot to me for him to say it because he won’t say stuff like that very often.  So when he does, I think he really means it – it’s not auto-pilot.  I miss him too.  I have at least one crying jag a day, to which he says that I don’t need to be sad because I’ll see him again in less than three weeks.  It needs to go by much much much faster because this sucks ass. 

So for now, I’m trying not to eat my way through this.  I still have accomplished nothing around here, and in fact, my house is far dirtier than I’ve ever seen it.  The dog ate a hockey puck the other day, and there’s little bits of vulcanized rubber all over the place.  My OCD ass does not care at the moment.  I’m coachless this week other than for classes, so I’ve been a bit lazy with the skating as well.  I start with the new coaches on Monday, and I won’t be able to miss any days during the week because I now have either coaching or classes scheduled for everyday.  That should help!  Hopefully I won’t bust my ass again before I go to New Mexico. 


Eeekkk, I wish they’d put me out there now!  At practice tonight, I was playing third base and one of the guys smacked a ball right towards me, but still on the ground.  I reached down to catch it in my glove, but it rolled up it and hit me in the throat instead.  Ouch!  They were all, “Are you okay?  Did it hit you in the face???”, and I said, “I’m fine” about three octaves higher than normal and went on about my business.  One of the other girls got hit in the throat last season.  She said it sucked.

Anyway, they moved me to second for a little while until I said I didn’t think I was ready for it.  This was after the guy running towards second got past me when I was totally not paying attention to the game.  Our one guy in the outfield at the time was trying to throw the ball at me, but I think I was watching the guy run instead.  Maybe.  I might have been watching a plane fly overhead, you never know.  Very silly.  It doesn’t seem like as much happens at third, and I can throw, but I kept trying to throw the ball over the mountains a la Uncle Rico.  We’re all pretty bad though, except for one guy and one girl.  Well, maybe three guys and one girl.  We laughed a lot though.

I went to Austin this weekend for my sister’s graduation.  It was so much fun!  We went on the boat on Saturday, and I’m completely lobster-fied.  Holy crap, it hurts!  I had a hard time sleeping last night because of it.  We also went out Saturday night, but we went to 4th street rather than 6th.  Apparently, we are far too geriatric for 6th street.  Whatever!  Anyway, we saw a band called Sprung, and they were awesome.  I wish they’d come to Dallas, but I guess it’ll have to be an Austin thing that I do.  We also saw a band called Roman Holiday.  They were not quite so awesome, but they were funny.

When we got back to the hotel, we stopped by my room so I could change and grab the vodka.  My sister and I were cracking up about something when someone knocked on the door.  It was the on-duty manager telling us there had been a noise complaint.  Seriously.  Quiet as a mouse me had a noise complaint.  Well, Kim’s not so quiet.  We had been in the room for, I kid you not, two minutes.  That has to be a record.  So we went up to Kim and Jason’s room to play Guitar Hero (yes, I’m aware that we’re all in our thirties.  Geeky gamers), and then I finally went back to my room around 3:30.  There was clearly a party raging in my hall.  Did I call the manager?  Nooooo.  I just put a pillow over my head.  No worries!  Still, you have to wonder if that party was really the noise from earlier, and the manager accidentally picked my room because of all the laughing.  Maybe there was a lull in the other party.

Okay, I’m off to watch Big Brother and then it’s bedtime.  Gotta attempt to skate again tomorrow!

I once again have ice dancing songs stuck in my head – today it’s the Fiesta Tango even though I only worked on that one for like ten minutes.  I have three songs for that dance, but the one that always gets stuck in my head is, in my mind, called “Italian Restaurant Song”.  One of my Dutch Waltz songs was renamed “The Circus Song”.  There was a Rhythm Blues song that should’ve been called “The Sex Song” (don’t be shocked, but Rhythm Blues always turns out better if you can get some sultry thoughts going), and a Canasta Tango song that could be called “The Anger Song”.  My Swing Dance song is called “Boggy Old People Song” because it sounds like something old people in a boggy place like Mississippi would listen to.  Duke once got onto me because I didn’t have my songs labeled on my Wee Tiny (this is what I call my MP3 player as it describes it perfectly).  Considering the names I would give them, perhaps it’s better if I don’t label them.  I know Cha Cha is songs 10-12, Fiesta Tango is 13-15, etc.  That’s enough for me, but it’s hard for him to find the songs.  To which I say, give me my Wee Tiny back and I’ll find the songs!  Silly coach.

An embarrassing confession: I have added American Idol to my reality show repetoire.  Yes, it is true.  I have been cracked.  Actually, the show is like bad crack, but I can’t help myself.  This is actually my sister’s fault because she made me watch it when I was in Austin.  It’s so frustrating though!  Whenever I think somebody sucks (Hobbit Boy, anyone???), the judges are all like, “Yeah man, that was awesome!”.  Then when I think somebody sounded good, like Phil on “Tobacco Road” last night, they tell him he sucks.  What the hell?  I asked Rich about it, and he said, “Well, remember last summer with ‘Rock Star’?  The same thing kept happening.”  So yeah, I watched “Rock Star”.  Oh the shame is complete now!  My mom is the bad one though – she watches EVERY reality show there is and then calls me to find out if I saw it too.  And that right there is why I generally won’t watch stuff like “American Idol” as I do not want to turn into one of those, “Hey, did you see ‘Dancing with the Stars’ last night” people.  That’s kind of TV snobbery, but argh!  I have to have some standards, but considering I watch “Big Brother’, they clearly are low.  I feel dirty.