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I have a migraine which has exactly two hours to go away so I can start getting ready for the party I’m going to tonight.  Have I mentioned this?  I don’t know what I’ve said lately.  Anyway, I was supposed to go to Houston and spend a couple of days and New Year’s with Shana and Tony, but what with being sick and all, I decided not to subject myself to all that time in the car.  Plus I didn’t have a place to board the dog.  Shana said to bring him, but they don’t have a fenced yard, so … I decided not to go.  It’s probably a good thing because I’m still fucking coughing up a damn lung.  I think it’s what has caused this headache.  It’s a very big nasty cough.

Okay, so rather than getting to go to Houston and hang with friends, I am going to my ex-husband’s New Year’s party.  Aren’t they lucky to be graced by me and my hack?  There are a couple of reasons I want to go, one being that I can hang out with my kid this way, and two being that I do like the New Wife.  Plus he has good parties, so it should be fun.  Most people who have heard my plans think I’m nuts, but since I am nuts, I don’t care.  I’m not sure I want my Man-Friend to know where I’m going, but he’s out of commission and hasn’t asked what I’m doing, so I’ll just not mention it.  I doubt it would bother him anyway – at this point he’d probably be happy that I’m getting out of the house.  (I just re-read this paragraph, and quite frankly, Man-Friend isn’t coming out sounding so hot here.  I should clarify that he’s out of commission because he’s very very very far away visiting his family.  Although I must say, I personally think he should at least ask what I’m doing.  Then again, I haven’t asked him either!  I suck.  Which is why he likes me, hahaha.)

All righty then … this headache really needs to go away because I cannot stand the thought of sitting around this house anymore.  While sick, I have watched the following movies: Selena, Beerfest, The Princess Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Planner, Sixteen Candles, Factory Girl, Moulin Rouge, Singles, Friends with Money, and probably half a dozen more that I just can’t remember at the moment.  It cracks me up that I watch all those wedding movies since I have like zero interest in getting married right now.  I do like romantic comedies though.  What can I say?  I’m a girlie girl.  I haven’t played Rock Band since I got home because I’ve been too blah to set it up.  I’ve only played a little Guitar Hero because I’ve pretty much had a headache for two weeks, and I like my Guitar Hero LOUD.  You can’t play it quietly – that’s just stupid.  It’s like those kids who have to play an electric guitar without the amp on because their loser moms can’t stand all the noise.  Here’s a thought – if you don’t like guitar noise, don’t buy your kid a guitar.  The one day I did play Guitar Hero, I was working on the song I need to play next, which is “Lay Down” by Priestess.  I was pretty close to being ready to play it for real before I left town, but not so much now.  The good news is that Rock Band makes you play the red-blue chord a lot, so that’s gotten better for some songs on Guitar Hero.  Anyway, after the “Lay Down” disaster, I got retarded and decided to try to play some stuff on Hard.  Oh, it was nothing but funny.  Even on super slow, I just couldn’t move my fingers that way.  I wonder if there are some people who will never play above Medium?  That would suck because I’d like to play with Jason with both of us on Expert.  I need a few years I think.  After that, I went back to “One” and did the best I’ve ever done on that song which, sadly, is 78% on full speed.  If I slow it down to the next slower speed, I can get around 92%.  Still not ready for prime time.

Dude, I am all over the place paragraphically speaking.  That is some poor writing.  Back to the movies.  I had never seen Selena, and you know, I thought it was okay good.  Then again, I think J. Lo and I would be BFF if we ever met because of an interview she did on television when she was still with Ben Affleck.  She just seemed like somebody I’d hang out with.  My sister thinks she and Drew Barrymore would be BFF.  Drew Barrymore was my nickname when I was in my 20s.  I was kind of wild.  So yeah, I can see where Kim and Drew could be buds since I do like my sister.

I really liked Factory Girl.  I wasn’t sure if I would because I’m not a huge Sienna Miller fan.  That has changed.  She was wonderful as Edie Sedgwick.  The other thing I liked about the movie were all the earrings she wore.  They were freaking enormous!  Every time the scene changed, the first thing I checked out were earrings.

Beerfest is very funny.  I have a ping-pong table, and I’m going to have to play Beer Pong.  Overall, the movie has a ton of potential for drinking games.  Speaking of drinking games, Universal HD is going to run “Battlestar Galactica” starting Saturday night.  I love that show (hit my tv category, and mostly BSG will show up), so I’m going to geek out this coming weekend and watch it.  Even though I have it on DVD.  Whatever.  Marathons are fun.  Actually, I only have the first season on DVD as ex-boyfriend made off with seasons 2 and 2.5.  Fucker.  I think for BSG, you have to drink every time they say “frakking” or “oh my gods”.


I survived the ice show, but I think the fucking tykes have gotten me sick.  I couldn’t get any air at all today and my voice was on and off.  We had these penguins, and they were all like two to four years old.  For some reason that I’m unable to explain, they LOVED me.  I was like this sparkly toy to them, and they hung all over me, sitting in my lap, touching my hair, rubbing the glitter off my dress, and asking me to pick them up.  Then I started noticing that all the little shits had snot crust under their noses.  Um, that’s not cool.  I was like, “Okay, I’m out.  I’m not getting sick when I have a to-do list a mile long.”  That just made them love me all the more.  They’re like cats – you know how they find the one person in the room who can’t stand cats and rub all over them?  Yeah, that’s little kids with me.

I don’t understand the need some people have for procreation.  People are already annoying and they want to go out and make tiny annoying replicas of themselves?  I don’t get it.  And plus, just for a bonus, wee ones always have snotty noses and random grime all over their nasty germy little hands.  Yuck.  Yes, I’m aware that I have a kid, but you know what?  He grossed me out when he was little too. 

Now having said that, there were two penguins that I liked just fine.  One didn’t speak which is awesome if you ask me.  The other one just wanted to dance, so while we were backstage (aka on the ice but behind the curtains, we spun and shook our booties.  That was good times.  I don’t know, maybe they would’ve been okay if there hadn’t been so damn many of them or if they weren’t snotty or if I hadn’t been so nervous.

Speaking of nervous, I was so freaked before I left the rink that I a) puked (and I think we’re all aware of just how much I hate throwing up), and b) well, so as not to go into detail, let’s just say that those two girls and their cup have nothing on me.  Oh dear God.  So I went to the show completely devoid of food which may have contributed as well to my attitude towards the tiny people who, by the way, were all stuffing their little faces with Goldfish and Cheerios.  After the show, I went to an open house being held by one of the skater’s parents.  I drank one beer and was hammered.  That’s fun.  I couldn’t eat there because of the whole tooth issue.  When I came home, I was like, “Where is the fucking food???” and I seriously ate.  And then I felt sick.  Bummer!  But then I felt better so I ate some more.  Oink oink, yay me!

Performance-wise, I’d give it a shrug and an ok.  I’ve definitely done it better, but it could’ve been worse.  I didn’t fall or run into a tree and kick a squirmy kid in the head (tempting, but no).  My spiral wasn’t as high as normal because I felt a little wonky while I was tipping my upper body over, so my leg couldn’t get as high.  My spin was disappointingly slow.  The rest was fine.  It wouldn’t have killed me to look up into the stands more or to paste a grin on my face (the smile was sporadic), but since I’m new to this, I’m not gonna shoot myself over it.  When I danced, we didn’t grin – we were told to have a pleasant expression on our faces, but not a giant cheese-eating grin.  This is different since it was a show and we’re supposed to majorly play to the audience.  I’m not so good at that.

Anyway, I’m glad I did it because any experience in front of an audience is good practice, especially with that Pro-Am coming up this summer.  Plus I’ll probably have to test again before that.  So it’s all good.

I stole this from Avitable (see blogroll) today rather than waiting a week or so.  That way, in the Christmas spirit, I’m being very forthright and honest about my thievery. 

1. Who was the last person of the opposite sex you laid in a bed with?

I’m sorry, that’s a secret.  I hate having to keep a secret in my own blog, but it’s necessary.  It’s not bad, it’s just on the DL, you know?  Plus, if I were to spill, y’all would get real bored with me real fast.

2. Where was the last place you went out to eat?

Friday’s yesterday.

3. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?

I had those margaritas yesterday, and then a Cape Cod over at Ex and his new wife’s house when we were done shopping.

4. Which do you prefer – eyes or lips?

Eyes.  I have a thing for eye crinkles.  Why are they hot on men and gross on women?

5. Medicine, fine arts, or law?

Fine arts.  Considering what I spend all my free time doing, I’d be in trouble if I didn’t say that! 

6. Best kind of pizza?

I like veggie pizza.  I like it best when it doesn’t have cheese since cheese tears up my stomach.  But still, I do love cheese.

7. Is your bedroom window open?

Oh hell no, it’s 30-something degrees outside.

8. What is in store for your future?

I wish I knew.  Hopefully some food soon.  I’m bloody starved.  I wish I could blink like “I Dream of Jeannie” and have some steak.  Gosh, I love steak! 

9. Who was the last band you saw live?

I think it was a country band at Firewater.  I don’t remember their name though.

10. Do you take care of your friends while they are sick?

Sometimes I give them cookies.

11. What is your favorite soda?

Diet Big Red.

12. How many songs are on your iTunes?

Somewhere around 3800, but it’s on the other computer, and I’m too lazy to go up and check.

13. When was the last time you purchased something over $500?

Last month – the dining room chairs.

14. Where is the last place you drove to?


15. Any historical figures that you envy?

I can’t think of any, so I guess not.

16. What brand of digital camera do you own?

It’s a Canon.  I think.  It’s just in the kitchen, but again, I’m too lazy to go look.

17. When was the last time you got a good workout?

Well, I’ve been very naughty and haven’t been on the treadmill.  I did get worked over in skating this week to the point where one of the mom’s was like, “He’s really working you hard, isn’t he?”  Yes, yes he is.

18. If you need a new pair of jeans, what store do you go to first?

Usually Macy’s.  They have good sales.  I did see a pair of Lucky’s today at Dillard’s when I was shopping for my grandmother that I would love to have, but it’s not time to buy for me.  Sucks.

19. What were you doing at 11:59 PM on Monday night?

I don’t remember, so I’m pretty sure I was either sleeping or reading and getting ready to go to sleep.

20. Are you a quitter?

I tried to quit the Christmas show, but D won’t let me.  Ass!

21. Who was the last person you had in your house?

Oh sorry, that is also a secret.

22. Can you speak another language?

Je parle Francais.

23. How about you put your legs behind your head?

How about I’m still 24, and then I’d be able to.  I haven’t been able to do that since I retired from ballet (hey, there’s that quitting thing again).

24. When was the last time you went dancing while under the influence?

I only dance while extremely drunk, and I think it was when I still lived in Houston, so it’s been a while.

25. Nickname?

Shana calls me Rennie.  My uncle John calls me Rennie Poo-poo.  Urgh!!!

26. Describe what you are wearing in detail?

I have on black jeans, a purple shirt with a black sweater over it, black argyle socks, black boots, a white bra, white lacy panties, jewelry (watch, tennis bracelet, charm bracelet, earrings), and the fugliest fleece jacket ever made.  It’s really cold though!  Oh, I also have on my glasses.  It’s the weekend, so I get to.

27. What do you think about people who party a lot?

I like them!

28. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

Not in the least.  In the infamous words of my mother, “I love sex!”  So I love to talk about it, have it, visualize it, think about it, etc etc.  I’m sorry, was that too much?  Long story short, what goes on in my head is not that different than what goes on in a 17 year old boy’s head.  Except I think about men (unless it’s Jennifer Garner day, haha).

29. What was the last CD you purchased?

Christmas with Dino.  As in Dean Martin.

30. What are two bands or singers that you will always love?

Charlotte Church and Metallica.

31. What of the seven deadly sins are you guilty of?

Eeewww, pretty much all of them at one time or another.  Why isn’t murder on that list?  I have not done murder unless you count bugs.  Sometimes I do count them.

32. Did you just have to google the seven deadly sins to see what they were?

Yeah.  I’m a heathen apparently.

33. Where is your favorite place to get coffee?


34. Have you ever been offered a job?

Isn’t that how you get a job?  So yeah.

35. Have you ever stolen anything off of a road?


36. When was the last time you dyed your hair?

At the end of October.  I’m getting it done again on Tuesday.

37. Who was the last person you rode in a car with?

My son.

38. Have you kissed somebody in the last 2 weeks?

Dammit, that’s a freaking secret too!

39. Miss someone?

Yes.  I miss several people.

40. Is there someone you want to fight?

That would be a resounding “no”.  Are you kidding me with that?  I’d get my ass kicked.

 Okay, so onto a different subject:  I have got to express a very strong opinion, and I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but here goes anyway.  Who the fuck thought that blow-up Christmas decorations were a good idea?  My neighborhood is full of giant snowmen and Santas and Rudolphs and crap like that.  My across the street neighbors have a blow-up candy cane carousel.  Jeez, but it is disgusting!  Seriously tacky.  They ought to just put a giant “I heart Wal-Mart” sign in their yard instead.  It’s making me want to put a blow-up doll in my front yard.

Speaking of tacky, I have garden gnomes.  One of them has gone missing.  I’m waiting for a ransom note or travel pics or something.

It’s been six years since 9/11/01.  My life has changed tremendously since then, but not as a result of the attacks.  My politics have changed as well, partly because of our response to the attacks.  But as we mark this date, many thoughts are going through my head, most of which center on all those people who died.  It’s just so senseless.  I don’t care how much you hate us for being who we are, having what we have, or for our stance on Israel or whatever other fucked up reason you might think you have, you don’t get to waltz in here, steal our planes, and use them as missiles.  Where does the action equal the reaction there?  It does not.  No argument about how evil America is makes what they did okay.  None.


Having said that, I have to point the same finger at us.  When we went into Afghanistan, I got it.  Yeah, that made sense.  It’s where Bin Laden was.  It’s where Al Qaeda was training.  So you go in, you get them, and that’s that.  The end of story.  Unfortunately, life is a bit more complicated than that.  We ended up in Iraq.  And at first, I got it.  The way things were being reported (especially by Fox News which I admit to watching sometimes), it seemed like Hussein was ready to give all sorts of our enemies tools with which to kill us.  But then that evidence got shaky.  Then that evidence became a “mistake”.  And that’s when I began to wonder what the hell we were doing there.  I’m not always so quick on the uptake.


My ex-husband, who is a staunch Republican, could argue a million different ways that what we were doing was right, could convince me for a little while that it was all okay, it made sense.  He repeated the party line, but more intelligently.  Maybe he should’ve been a lawyer.  I believed him for a while.  But then, with the whole reason for us being there falling apart, I couldn’t help but think he was wrong.  The longer we stayed, the more people who died or were gruesomely injured, the more I believed we had to get out.  Of course, by then, we had made such a mess of things over there that if we left without attempting to rebuild I think there’d be a special place in hell for us.  I’m sorry, but you can’t go into a country and destroy it for no reason and not at least try to fix it.  At this point though, what are we doing there?  Seriously, what are we doing on a day-to-day basis that justifies our presence?


Today I wonder if I would feel differently about any of this if I, like my parents, had known people who died that day.  Would I feel differently if I had been one of my ex-husband’s co-workers who were on the phone with brokers from Cantor Fitzgerald when the plane hit the building?  They were trapped, there was no escape, and they didn’t want to hang up the phone for two reasons.  One, they knew they’d never get another line out and the comfort of a voice, any voice, was better than none.  Two, they were getting information on what was going on from the guys my ex worked with.  As the building fell, the line went dead.  It was horrific.  (As an aside, my ex went to work for a branch of Cantor Fitzgerald after they moved the energy trading brokerage to Houston.  The employee manual had not been updated.  That was surreal as it had all these references to WTC and what to do in case of emergency, etc.  The shivers that went up my spine ….)


This is how I feel.  We need to get out of Iraq and back on task.  Bin Laden is still out there, raising mini-Osamas.  Would killing him help?  I don’t know.  He could be like the hydra, and when you cut his head off, a hundred uglier ones appear.  Is that how we should fight the so-called War on Terror?  Speaking of that, how do you argue with “The War on Terror”?  It sounds good.  We’re gonna stamp out terrorism by going after the terrorists and those who aid and harbor them.  Okay, fine by me.  But in the real world, does that work?  Is this the best way?  I don’t really think so.  I think the way we fight terrorism is 1) by improving our national image rather than invading countries in areas known to be hostile to us already, and 2) by using our intelligence to prevent attacks.  We had the intelligence ahead of 9/11.  What we lacked was the nasty murderous vision to put it together.  We now know that they’re not kidding.  They’re here to fuck us up by any means necessary.  Our job is to see to it that they don’t.  Maybe I’m being simplistic.  Okay, probably.  Lots of people, ex-husband included, would argue that the War on Terror is working because we haven’t been attacked since 9/11.  I disagree – I think we haven’t been attacked because our ability to prevent attacks has become much more sophisticated and we have become much less naïve.


All of that makes me wonder if I’d feel any differently if I were sitting in the Oval Office with all the information on my desk.  Or at the Pentagon, or the FBI, or the CIA.  But I’m not.  I’m sitting at home typing on my laptop with no information whatsoever except what the media feeds me.  So basically, I know nothing other than how I feel.  I’m saddened and sickened by what happened six years ago.  I just wish we had handled things some other way.     

Somebody googled “lactose intolerant milk farts” and came across my blog.  Nobody has googled “shockingly large anal plugs” yet and found me though.  Hunh.  Maybe people aren’t quite as adventurous as I thought!

Last night I had dinner with my mom and my grandparents.  They were on their way through Dallas going back home from Colorado.  My mom, of course, lives here.  My dad wasn’t there because he is off hunting (don’t get me started, urgh!).  Anyway, I was telling them how my sister has this grand plan for me to meet my 42-year-old triathlete – I’ll tell that story in a second.  My grandmother asked me if I was praying for him to meet me.  I was like, “No, I don’t pray for dudes.”

My mom said, “Yeah, I don’t believe in praying for men.  Although if you’re praying for happiness, that could be part of it.”

And I said, “I haven’t met a man yet who made me happy.”  Which is totally true.  I’ve been with men who temporarily increased my happiness, but that’s short-lived.  They eventually make me miserable.  I have guy friends who have managed not to piss me off to that extent, but never a relationship guy.  Happiness comes from within though.  That’s your own responsibility.

Oh jeez, another wordpress weirdness.  When it auto-saves, it pops my window back up almost to the top.  Then I have to move back down.  This didn’t used to happen.  That’s a very Texan sentence, and I’m quite sure that it’s grammatically incorrect.  I guess it should be, “Previously, that did not occur.”  Mmm, unfriendly writing.  I prefer a more conversational tone.  Anyway …

The whole praying for dudes conversation got me thinking about the things I do pray for.  I don’t go to church, so generally, I feel pretty guilty about praying – like I don’t deserve to pray since I don’t put in that requisite hour.  What I do pray for is safety in travelling whether it’s me or someone I know, other people’s health, my son’s happiness, and if somebody asks me to say a prayer for them, I’ll do that.  I don’t do a lot of praying for me and my bullshit except for the travelling thing or an occassional, “Please, God, don’t let me fuck this up.”  Hopefully God is tolerant of my filthy little mouth. 

Okay, so here’s the story of my sister’s plan for me to meet the triathlete of my dreams.  We’re going to do the Oyster Racing Series in Austin.  They have a category for dorks like us that involves canoeing, rollerblading, swimming, and running up office stairs.  They also have a category for the serious triathlete people.  Apparently, this is where my dream man will be.  Though I find it a bit doubtful – my dream man is probably one of the dorks like us, but hey, a girl’s got to hope for the nicest ass she can fine, and it’s on one of the real athletes.

The big issue is that I have a skating test the weekend after the race, so I cannot get injured.  Which means I have to do the canoeing leg.  Which means my bootie is going to end up in Lake Austin.  Ick, fishy lake water.  Which means that when I meet my dream man, I’m going to be sweaty with eyeliner running down my face and smelling of fish.  Yay, that’s awesome.

Why is that the same people who have not managed to throw away a single thing since 1973 have managed to lose not one, not two, but every single last one of my yearbooks?  Really!  And I went to a ginormous high school, so these are big yearbooks we’re talking about here.  The junior high ones aren’t exactly wee tiny either.  I think what happened is when my mom took over my closet and my sister’s closet, the yearbooks were tossed to make room for her crap.  Which she never wears.  I know this because she tried to pawn off clothes from the eighties on me that still had the tags attached.

And another question: if your cousin died, would you not make every effort to get to her funeral?  My parents aren’t going.  My sister and I are though.  Both of us have had to rearrange work schedules, make arrangements for pet care, reorganize personal schedules, and in my case, put my coach out of about ninety minutes of work (and considering he makes a dollar a minute off me, I’d call that significant, especially for a 23 year old.  I hate when I have to make him lose minutes).  My dad’s excuse is that he has a guy flying down for an interview.  So call him and reschedule the interview!  People understand.  Or have an underling interview the dude on Monday, give his impressions, and then my dad could phone interview him or bring him back down again later.  Whatever, you can make it work.  My mom’s excuse is two-fold.  One, she has a doctor’s appointment at 7am.  Well, Robbie’s memorial service isn’t until six pm because she wanted to make sure her friends could be there without losing work money.  Um yeah, I think there’s time to get there.  Two, her parents are coming into town because her sister is in town for some work thing.  They were all supposed to have dinner together.  Again, I think people will understand.  But no, they’re not going.  Then Kim and I (mostly Kim as I sat there like Silent Bob after giving one raised eyebrow at the beginning) got yelled at for being judgemental.  Kim said, “I’m not being judgemental.  I just think you should go to be there for Sarah and Kenny and to pay respects to the family.”

Mom said, “I talked to June and Bob and Lauree, and they all understood why we can’t be there.  You’re judging us in the worst way whether you think you are or not.”

Kim said, “I’m not judging.  I’m giving my opinion.”

And there is the rub.  My mother takes everything personally and as a judgement.  If I say blue isn’t my favorite color, then I must hate her decorating and therefore, I hate her.  Nope, I just don’t like blue furniture.  It’s country, and I don’t like country (though her blue is less country and more French).  Anyway, my mom can’t separate an opinion from a judgement.  It really makes me wonder what she thinks of other people when she doesn’t like their color choices or the same kinds of food.  She gets really offended when people don’t like the same kinds of food as she does.  It’s kind of weird. 

Anyway, I think it’s ridiculous that they’re not going.  I tried on Saturday to convince my mom that her parents would be understanding, but she kept interrupting me and talking over me, etc.  I know they know they’re in the wrong here, otherwise they wouldn’t be so defensive about it.  Maybe I am judging.  Okay, I’m definitely judging.  I just can’t believe they’re not making any effort to get down there.  It makes me sick.  All I know is that if people can’t come up with better reasons for not coming to my funeral, I’ll haunt their asses!

People are really mean to Jessica Simpson.  Granted, she may not be the smartest cookie on the block, but hey, I doubt the writer of the article is either.  I guess when somebody of middling talent combined with actually looking like a Barbie doll becomes rich and famous, people feel the need to take unnecessary potshots.  Why?  Because people suck, they’re petty, and they’re jealous.  It would be such a better world if we would all be our best selves at all times.  I wish I could do it!

Magnus started puppy school yesterday.  It was really fun!  We’re going to the training school at Petsmart.  I chose them for two reasons.  One, they teach the owner what to do, and then you do it.  They don’t do it for you.  And two, they got my sister’s full grown crazy dogs under control.  If you can do that, I’m all over it.  Anyway, Magnus knew sit, come, down, and off already.  This week, we’re working on “watch me” so you know you have his full attention.  We’re also continuing to work on sit because he doesn’t do it well with distractions.  We’re doing clicker training, meaning that as soon as he does what I want him to, I click the clicker.  So as soon as his bottom hits the floor on a sit, I click.  Then he gets a treat.  What he learns from this is that his action is correct at the time of the clicker, and the treat is associated with the clicker rather than his action because by the time you get the treat to a puppy, they’re usually standing back up from their sit or looking away again from their watch me.  I hope that makes sense.  Anyway, he responded really well, and I’m very happy with our first lesson.  The really nice thing is that we’re the only ones signed up for the class, so he’s getting private lessons for the price of a group class.  Yay us!

This is my first weekend on my own since the break up.  I’ve had the munchkin the other weekends (I had him a few in a row because Ex-Husband had to go out of town, plus Mother’s Day weekend, etc.).  So I’m going to get the office set up this weekend.  Ex-Boyfriend left office furniture behind (a desk, bookshelf, and filing cabinet) so that’s what I’ll use.  Right now it’s in Munchkin’s room, but he doesn’t use it.  He does his homework sitting on the bed.  I did that too when I was a kid.  So he said I could move it.  We’re going to fill the empty area of his room with this bookshelf from Ikea.  The one we want isn’t shown right now, but it’s the beech effect rather than the birch effect – i.e., it’s lighter in color.  All of his Lego models will fit in addition to his books and other knick-knacks.  I feel like I may have talked about this before.  Clearly I’m excited about it then.

Ex-boyfriend also left behind his gas grill.  It’s very nice, but I have a bit of a phobia about gas grills.  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever use it.  I’d like to, because Munchkin loves stuff off the grill.  I really like grilled tomatoes.  But what if I do it wrong and the whole grill explodes setting me, the boy, the dog and the house on fire?  Mmm, the “what-if-game”.  How fun.  It’s not like I’m being totally unrealistic here though.  This is Texas, and we do have a ton of spiders here.  Spiders can get into the gas lines and cause leaks.  So see, it could happen, and therefore, I’m scared to use the grill.

Well, the nefarious Bush administration plan to lower gas prices by having a war is not going so well.  I would say, however, that the more likely evil plot would have been to have a war and get gas prices up in order to make larger profits for his little gas buddies.  That is going fantastically.  But we wouldn’t give him credit for being that clever, would we?  All I know is that I have changed my driving habits in order to save gas money.  I’m much better about combining trips, and I’m not taking any classes at rinks that are farther from home than my normal rink.  If they don’t have it at my rink, forget it.  My car is not a guzzler, and it still takes less than $40 to fill it up, but I don’t want to fill up more than once a week if I can help it.  I can go about 300 miles on a tank of around 14 gallons.  That’s just over 21 miles per gallon.  Not great, but certainly not an SUV!

I wish it would stop raining for a few days so I could get into the garden.  It’s rained just about every day for the entire month.  We’ve had like two nice days, and you don’t dry out enough to tromp through the garden in one day.  I need to weed badly, and the roses need pruning.  The petunias and other annuals need deadheading.  Out of all the plants out there, I think the lavender and the hibiscus are doing the best.  The lavender surprises me – it’s a drought resistant plant, so I thought it would be unhappy in all the rain.  The roses are blooming nicely too.  Some of the annuals are clearly suffering with the excess rain.  Their leaves are turning that yellowy-brown of an overwatered plant.  The fact that I was a dumbass and didn’t really amend the soil which is clay didn’t help.  All I did was add a little Miracle Grow gardening soil to the holes I dug out of the clay.  I’ll do better when I plant the fall flowers.

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