She wants to know more about this Man-Friend of mine … so I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it without giving up too much info because I think he’d go batshit loco if he knew anything about him was on here.  Heh, lucky for me, he doesn’t know where my blog is, only that I have one.  At least I don’t think he knows.  Oh dear, now I’m getting paranoid.

K, anyway, Man-Friend is indeed from Earth as far as I can tell.  He’s a little different than your usual dude his age (which is younger than my age.  Like Demi Moore, I have a great appreciation for younger guys.  They’re more fun).  What I mean by that is he’s a pretty hard-core conservative – most of our other friends are not, so I think it’s a bit unusual.  I’m that way fiscally but not socially, so I have a hard time finding people I want to vote for.  But this isn’t about me, it’s about him.  He has a bust of Ronald Reagan in his room, and if you mention Ann Coulter, his toes curl up like he’s having an orgasm.  It’s pretty funny.  So yeah, he’s pretty freaking conservative.

He does not recycle without prompting.  I cannot even pretend that this doesn’t drive me up a wall.  Whenever I say, “Wait, that goes in the recycler,” he calls me a hippie.  He also says I eat hippie food since I generally don’t eat a lot of meat with the exception of steak, yum.

He’s a cat person.  Understandably, my giant dog freaks him out.  Magnus thinks people who are a little scared of him are the most fun.  He loves to jump all over them and really get them nervous.  Needless to say, Man-Friend is in that majority of my friends and family who think the moose-dog needs to go and be replaced by a cat.  It seems people are not impressed by 85 pounds of exuberant puppy.  Gee, I wonder why?

Let’s see – I mentioned “our friends” which should tell you that he’s a friend who is friends with my friends – he’s been friends with them longer than I have though.  These friends harassed him for like the past year about getting with me.  He said that if he didn’t do something soon, that there was a line behind him ready to go.  I thought that was pretty funny since I had no idea.  As usual – I never ever know when somebody is interested unless I’m getting hit on by a woman.  I think I’ve told that story before though.  I asked who was in line, and he actually told me.  That surprised me.  If the situation were reversed, I wouldn’t have told because I wouldn’t want him to go, “Oh really?  Her?  Hmmmm.”  I did not say that, however.  Not that the guys were bad or anything – they just weren’t him.

We both had Pro/Con lists about getting together.  He lost on mine, but the one big pro – “I want to” won out over all the cons.  I assume I won on his since we do what we do now, but when we were talking about our lists, we just talked about the cons.  Now I’m sitting here all curious about what was on his pro list.  So yeah, we’re both nerds.

He plays games like on XBox.  He’s way better than me at them, but my suckage is well-documented.  He’s got a group of friends that he plays Live with.  They all have really silly names.

Hmm, what else, what else?  We have a bunch of similar interests and disinterests, and we never seem to have a lack of stuff to talk about.  Don’t get us started on food.  We’re both obsessed.

He’s tall (to me anyway – he’s like 5’11”) and slightly built with the world’s nicest ass.  I know I’ve talked about his butt before.  I would not say he’s traditionally handsome, but I think he’s cute.  He’s very funny so I spend a lot of time laughing with him.  I think he spends a lot of time laughing at me, but I’m a dork and I laugh at myself all the time.

I think that’s about all I can give up without giving away too much.  In the meantime, I’m having a good time with him and I like hanging out with him.  So I’m content with the state of things on the Man-Friend front.